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Maggie Lowe

My name is Maggie Lowe AKA Cloe Marrie. I’m an avid reader, a closet beta, a prereader, and a writer. I write anything that comes to mind so I wouldn’t label my writing. I draw inspiration from every day life, music I listen to, movies or television shows I watch, but my biggest inspiration was my mom. She was my strongest supporter, my friend, but most importantly she was my beautiful mother. She fought a courageous battle but in the end she succumbed to that disease November 2, 2016 at 5:10 pm. I will forever have a missing piece in my heart where she once was.

I read fanfiction and published works of art in support of other writers. The fandoms I’ve read in (plan on adding more) are Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Hunger Games, Supernatural. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears.

I’m now a published author with one book, Rhythmic Emotion, under my creative belt. It’s a poetry book but a book none the less and I’m very proud to have achieved such a creation. I also have a few pieces in the works, including a co-authored book.

I don’t have much of a limit on the genre of books I read because I read just about anything that I pick up. The only restrictions that I do have are certain BDSM, anything to do with rape, or abuse, those are trigger points for me. The only BDSM book series that I’ve read and actually enjoyed is The Divine Trilogy by RE Hargrave.

I can be found at the following links:

Personal Facebook

Amazon Author Page

Facebook Author Page

Facebook Co-Author Page

Fanfiction Author Page


Bronwyn Goulding

I am co-owner and site designer/manager for the blog. I design all the logo’s, headers and backgrounds. I am an avid reader of fan fiction and a strong believer of supporting FFN authors. I have written 2 FFN stories well one is a working progress still. I am a student of graphic design, mother to 2 cats and a heavenly child and a wife.

I suffer from both Bipolar and PTSD so have a strong passion for bringing awareness to them and happy to talk with anyone about my illness.

I am working on my first published book which is a fictional story of my life.

I have strong interests in both photography and graphic design.

Facebook personal page

Mental health personal blog page

Personal Blog

FFN author page

Graphic Design and photography Facebook Page



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  1. Thanks for hosting! 🙂


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