The Key: July’s FFAA writing challenge


Thanks to Nicia for betaing this for me!



My name is Emmett Whitlock. I’m sorry to inform you but Charlie Swan, your uncle, passed away unexpectedly this morning. I know you don’t know me from Adam, but I’m married to your cousin, Isabella, and I was asked to contact you on Charlie’s behalf.


Charlie left a package for you here. If you write back with an address or some contact information I’ll forward it to you.



Emmett Whitlock




The package from my late uncle came today. A key to the old place. The mansion. I haven’t been there since I was a child. I’d vouched, I’d never go back. I was too afraid to, afraid of the dark shadows, the creaky noises that would keep me awake at nights, the sinister laugh. But I put my fears aside because I was curious as to why he’d left it to me instead of his daughter.


Now, here I stand on the creepy, creaky steps of the old family mansion, key in hand. I turned the key and the lock snapped open.
I slowly opened the door, stepped over the threshold, and let go of the door. It slammed shut and locked. I turned and screamed as everything went black.



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