Q & A with Brianna Leaver

Brianna Leaver


Please provide author name & short bio, book title & blurb, a short excerpt and all relevant links.

My author name is Brianna Leaver

An avid reader since childhood. I learned to write when books no longer ended with the endings I wished they had.

I work a full-time job as a prep cook, and in my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities and family events.

My only published book to date is Beyond the Blue

All relevant information can be found for this at www.beyondthebluenovel.wordpress.com


What’s your biggest inspiration and motivation?

My biggest inspiration is my niece, as she often asked me to tell her stories at bedtime. So I began to focus on authors I liked for ideas and my biggest influences have been JK Rowling and CS Lewis.

I’d have to say that my motivation comes from the life I’ve been given rather than the life I could have had. I want to share my imagination with the world and let it take away all of my fears and worries which often burdens my soul.


What’s your writing style like?

I tend to write in the third person, and I am gifted with writing dialogue. I’m working on the descriptions so that they are more visual but all in all, I enjoy the fantasy realms.


Some people find the third person difficult to write in, what’s your take on it?

It comes naturally to me.

I mean, the third person, past tense is a lot of work, but when I go back and read it, I’m amazed that I write those stories. It’s fun for me


What genre do you write in?

Fantasy, Science fiction, Medieval


What inspires your titles? And what inspires your characters?

My titles come from the heart of the book itself. I let those come to me when I *know* what the book is about and how it’s going to go.

The characters are sometimes based on real people,  but other times they just sort of waltz in and introduce themselves. Sometimes I know where they fit, other times I’m like “I have nowhere to put you, but let’s see what you can do”


Do you have any new projects going or planned?

Yes I do, and I have been blogging about it on my author page: https://www.facebook.com/leaverauthor/


Do you or have you ever experienced writer’s block?

I am currently fighting with my Mc because I have a subplot she wants me to scrap.


Do you ever write outlines for your books?

Outlines, storyboards, background pieces I may never use…anything to help with character development.


The last question, not really a question, but this is where you have the floor, so to speak. Tell the fans about you, any projects that are coming up, etc. Tell of things not many people knows about you.

I absolutely love animals, no matter how big or how small.

There was a time. In my life that I wanted to own a zoo so that I could be near them every day. That dream has shrunk to the idea of a horse farm, which is my trade at heart. I can work with horses and never get bored. They speak to me. They listen to me. They help me find my inner peace so that I can write.

When writing, or brainstorming I like to go for walks along the beach or somewhere peaceful that I can enjoy the tranquility of nature itself. I would love to travel the world, but as I cannot, I travel the realms of my imagination. We can go anywhere and do anything for free. For example, my new project, fondly nicknamed the “Loch Mess”( for several reasons) is a wonderful tale of a lost princess and her rival of an Uncle who seeks to destroy the entire kingdom, starting with her.


WOW! That’s an impressive dream you had…horses are very peaceful…one thing I’ve always wanted but could never afford. Traveling is fun…too bad it’s way too expensive these days.

I’d love to check that book out once you finish it and it’s published…help promote it as well. Seems very interesting. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me today!


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