Q & A with Carol Ann King

Carol Ann King 2

For the record, can you tell us your name?

Carol Ann King


What genre do you write in?

Y/A Fantasy


Third or first person?

Third…no one has ever asked me that before


What inspires you to write?

I am an avid day-dreamer. Closing my eyes one day, this world evolved in my mind. I saw the characters, how they moved, how they interacted. Each one came to live. It was the world I wanted to run away to. A place I wished I could live in.


Other than writing what do you do?

I had some tragic moments in my life and decided to take some time off work and write. Her I am. Here is a link to a newspaper article about it http://www.insidehalton.com/community-story/5203237-burlington-author-finds-solace-in-writing-after-personal-tragedy/


Tell me one thing you alway thought you’d do when you got older?

Be a mom. Which I did.


How long have you been writing? What are your characters like? Do you argue with them like most of us other authors do?

Just over 2 years now.

I think of my characters like children. In the beginning of a series, they are in their “raw” form and that is deliberate on my part. I want the reader to be there and actually, see what makes them who they are.

In my personal opinion, there isn’t enough time in one book to experience the growing pains of life. In a series, however, you have a chance for not only the protagonist to learn, but, also really delve deep into expanding on the supporting characters as well.

It’s important to me, that if a person takes the time to read my books, they can fully invest their emotions into every aspect. When you meet a character, they have a purpose and aren’t just there for page filler. To me, there is nothing worse than having someone introduced into a story and never hearing about them again.

I don’t argue with them, though.


When you write do you have something playing in the background? If so what?

Okay, usually the television is on the WWE Network. Yup, you guessed it. I am a wrestling fan. Or I stick it on a never ending loop of the weather network.

I don’t write when it is quiet or outside. Odd, I know. I have a beautiful backyard and pool, but it’s a no writing zone.


Okay, the last question…this is where you have the floor, so to speak. Tell the fans about you, any projects that are coming up, etc.

Oh my, you opened up a long list lol

Book five was released March 18, 2016, at Toronto Comicon. Book Six will be out later this year (fall). That is the end of the main story in the series. It will be open to looking at side stories in the future, but I am leaving the Portal Prophecies for a while to write a new book. I am working on a vampire series and a mermaid series. I also have a cookie Cookbook in the works.

I am working on new swag. My books have environmental issues woven into the plot. There are also great trees (right now Tree of Justice, Hope, Freedom, and Love). What better swag could there be than tree seedlings? You get to plant your own great tree for whatever you need and spread a little magic to the environment. It’s a win-win.

Panels, Panels, Panels. Did I mention I am doing a few panels? All on writing! I’d love to have people stop in for a visit. (local of course)


Haunted house promotion:




Here is where you can meet me in person in 2016:


You can find The Portal Prophecies at the following venues.

May 28th – 9th Annual Brantford Pagan Meet & Greet

June 3rd – 5th Niagara Falls Comic-con

Panels for Niagara Falls – 5:00 pm June 4th, and 1:00 pm June 5th

June 12th – HOPE in the Street

June 23rd 7:00pm- Starving Artist Cafe Writing Panel

August 20th and 21st – Arts Fest

August 26th – 28th Fan World Niagara Falls

September 1-4 Fan Expo Toronto

September 17th – Ignite Your Soul Author Event

September 25th – Word on the Street Toronto

October 1st and 2nd – Hamilton Comic Con

Weekends in October – Bizarro’s Factory of Fear





2017 dates:


March 17-19 – Toronto Comic Con

April 7th-9th – 11th Brain to Books Cyber-Con


There are a few other dates which are not yet confirmed yet, but should be over the next two weeks.


I am also working on a Fantasy Writers Facebook event that would take place twice a year.

I also have a few charity events coming up. I’ll have a blog out later this week. You can follow https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6993053.Carol_Ann_King/blog

Of course, I also do Author interviews as well.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me today!


Carol Ann King 1



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