Q & A with Caroline Centa

Caroline Centa

State your name for the record.

Caroline Centa


How long have you been writing? And what inspired, motivated, influenced you to write?

Wow.. I don’t really know.  Seriously, I’ve been writing for about 4 years, but I wrote my first book when I was about 13 and I’ve started quite a number of novels in between.

The novel I am about to release, which is the first piece of work I got serious with, was inspired by my spirituality and influenced by some experiences I had.


Some authors have background noise while they write, do you? If so what?

It depends on my mood at the time.  Sometimes I write at my children’s gymnastics class, which has a lot of gymnastic noise. Sometimes I write in silence and other times I have some music on. If I have music it’s often instrumental


Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Outside of my family members?  I had a couple who supported and inspired me a lot. The male, Kyle, inspired some of the concepts and his partner, Brittney cheered me along as I wrote it.


Out of all your characters, which one strikes you the most and why?

Caeden. He is a very intriguing character that has way more levels than he shows in the course of Daughter of Hell (the novel I am about to release).  I am looking forward to writing the next book in the series as it’s about him.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Getting into Caeden’s head! *laughs* And on a serious note, finding the time to write – where I can write without being disrupted.


Do you write an outline before every book you write? What’s your style like? What genre you write in?

I rarely to never write an outline. I have a vague idea where the story is going but it usually writes itself.

When I started writing Daughter of Hell, I had no idea where it was going. I just wrote my feelings and let it go where it wanted to go. After I finished the first few chapters I wrote the final chapter and filled in the spaces from there. It was quite a journey.

While I was writing Daughter of Hell, I began to get ideas that were kind of related, but not what I wanted to put in the story at the time and that’s when I realized that there would be at least another two books. I’ve got a pile of notes for them, but none of them are outlined at all.

I write primarily Paranormal fiction, but I’m currently having a go at a Horror/Suspense type story

And I write for both New adult and Young adult


What are your expectations for the book?

I hope that lots of people read it and that it becomes popular. I would love to have it made into a movie one day.  But they’re long term goals.

I would like to earn a regular income from it first.


Million dollar question, are you working on another book?

Yes, I am working on a few


Can you share a little of your current work with us? Any advice for other authors? Anything you’d like to tell your readers? This is where you have the floor…give links to your work/you as well!

Daughter of Hell, my debut novel is currently at the editors (well I’ve got it back and reviewing the first phase of editing) and due for release later this year.  It’s about a girl who travels to the astral world and discovers she has an entire second life there and a destiny to restore balance to the universe.

I have a short story called Melody and Magic, that is appearing in an Anthology called Stardust Always – it’s dedicated to Alan Rickman and David Bowie and is raising money for charity. That’s due for release on the 5th of June.

I am currently working on about 6 pieces of writing, but my main ones are;
Darkness – which is about a girl who is kidnapped each November for a man who writes stories about her. On this particular occasion she discovers why; and Agents of Sin: Lust – which is a mini-series about a girl who is an angel who makes people sin in the name of lust for the Sin collector.

I’ll be starting Son of the Underworld soon, which is the second book in my Progeny series (which Daughter of Hell belongs to).

My advice to other readers is to never give up. Write for yourself and then edit for the public.

You can find me and my work at the following links:

Website: http://readingsbycaroline.net

Facebook: http://facebook.com/CarolineCenta

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CarolineCenta


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for me.


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