Relaunch of Thornburg’s Daughter by Rose Withering

Thornburg’s Daughter has been relaunched!!!! Go give it some love!


Elle was an odd looking child, she was short in stature, had funny looking ears and was completely bald. Her hair never grew.
Due to a reverse sleeping curse cast on her, she never slept except for the twenty four hours every year on her birthday.

Desperate for answers to help his daughter, Martin seeks the help of a book store owner named Maryk and his guardian, Chion. They tell him of a tale not in the book, a tale of an Elvin princess who is the only one who can save her dying world and keep the darkness from spreading to theirs.

Knowing time is running out, they must tell her, but will she be ready for what they have to say? Will they be able to convince her to unlock her powers and fight a battle only she can win before it’s too late?


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