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Kristina Marie Sanchez
What inspired Spaces Between Notes?
A couple of years back, I participated in the Twilight Twenty-Five, which is a challenge where you’re given twenty-five prompts and, that year, had to write a very short story or scene based on the prompt. Given a picture of instruments set up in a room, I imagined a lonely soul, newly mute and unable to do what he loved most–sing–and a woman who stumbled into his solitude.
It went from there.


Some authors have written characters based on someone in their life, are any of your characters inspired by someone in your life?

Well, not in my real life. Both Niko and Carys are based on another fictional character – Dean Winchester of the Supernatural series.

If so who and what made them inspiring?

Not so much inspiring as intriguing. I took two of Dean’s most basic characteristics and built my characters around that. Niko got Dean’s “No chick flick moments” attitude, and Carys got his total co-dependent attachment to his brother.


Now that Spaces Between Notes is out, do you have any upcoming projects and if so would you be able to give us a little taste so to speak?

Yes. I have an as yet unnamed story.The same basic premise of my fanfiction, Just a Number with a completely different plot. The male MC was older and out of the house when his parents took in a recently orphaned little girl. Now, she’s all grown up, and they’re both back at home for reasons.

Val was starving.

He’d done as his mother had told him and taken a nap. He’d heard the bustle downstairs when Carlito came. Despite his mother’s wishes, he stayed upstairs. He’d rather die of boredom–there wasn’t anything to do in the room that had been his almost a decade ago–than see his brother right then.

Carlito was everything Val wasn’t. He got through high school and college without getting in a single fight. He graduated. With honors. He worked hard. He married well. He had a beautiful little boy, and twin girls on the way. He wore suits to work. He was Val’s stepfather Dante’s child.

Good for Carlito. He was still a pain in the ass, but what did Val care about that?

The house was quiet now. Val peered around his doorway and listened. Sweet silence. Satisfied, he headed for the stairs. When he got to the kitchen, he stopped short.

Mina was coming in the opposite door from the garage, fast food bags in hand. He stopped. She stopped. They stared at each other.


She’d been sixteen or seventeen the last time Val saw her. It was Christmas, and she’d been pissed as hell at him. At the time, he’d dismissed it. Teenagers were mercurial, but she hadn’t talked to him since then except a passing, “Hey.”

Running into her wasn’t what stunned him, though. That was expected. What wasn’t expected was… Well…

She was stunning. Smoking hot. She was all hourglass curves, plump, perfect breasts, and brown hair sticking out from under a beanie. She had her glasses on, and that did things to him. His body, his blood, sparked with an awareness that was familiar–he was a red-blooded man, after all–and yet foreign.

This was Mina. Little Mina. He’d held her in his arms when she was an ugly little bulldog of a newborn. He’d picked her up when she was a silent and traumatized child, still reeling from her mother’s death and scared she could lose everything. This was the little girl he’d watched grow into a spunky, smart ass teenager before she faded from his life with the rest of his family. He couldn’t look at her with those eyes.

How has it been writing Spaces Between Notes?
This story was the biggest pain in my rear end. It was agonizing to write for reasons related to an incident that happened early on in the process. If I wasn’t so stubborn, I would have put it down and worked on a different story that didn’t have to be convinced to speak to me. But I am that stubborn, so here we are.


About you, this is where you have the floor, this is where you speak to your fans. Tell them anything you’d like 🙂

Writing is all I ever wanted to do with my life. The fact that people read and enjoy the products of my chaotic mind is a highlight of every day. Thank you for your time and support, from the bottom of my heart.
Reviews for Spaces Between Notes:

Spaces Between Notes is a MUST READ!!! I really enjoyed this book and I’m guaranteeing you will as well!

Niko is a very angry person but he has a good reason to be. He was played a bad hand. He had surgery on his voice box to remove a couple of nodules and it left him without the ability to speak. Jamie, his best friend, has been by his side since they were kids. One night at a bar some dude started in on him which irritated him to the point that he left before he did something he’d regret. He went walking and ended up at his old house. He took his frustrations out on the house. That’s when he meets the owner. His friend came to his rescue once again. In order to save Nik from going to jail they’d promised to fix up the house.

You will have to read it to find out what happens with the owner and Nik.

But you won’t regret it!!!!! GO. READ. THIS. NOW!!!!” ~Cloe Marrie’s Reads

“Solid 4.5 bright stars

We meet our hero, Niko, going out to a bar with his childhood best friend, Jamie, who I would also say offers a certain level of comic relief. At said club we see Niko get angry and beyond frustrated due to his lack of being able to verbally communicate, so any how, he suddenly leaves and somehow finds himself beating up his old childhood home. From there we meet Carys, Nikos future love interest. Now that woman is a saint, in regards to her brother!! I would have kicked his little ass a long time ago, but I will let you read the book and have you make up your own mind about him, and well Niko’s, thinks like a caveman father..

So anyways, this is a beautiful love story about learning the trials and tribulations of acceptance, oneself And surrounding circumstances, surmounting perceived and actual obstacles, compromising and accepting help, seeing and accepting that you deserve to be loved and valued.

Go read this book, it is worth it. sometimes it’s great to snuggle on the couch to read a realistic story.” ~Nance

“This book was just a breath of fresh air to me. I couldn’t put it down. It has everything I want in a good book, Niko is sexy and frustrated and pretty much exudes anger, he’s got a decent reason. I could really feel, deeply, the chemistry between him and Carys.
I had that feeling, that I do often have with this author’s books, that I am a becoming a better person while I read it. Not in a teaching kind of way. It’s like that change you feel when you meet someone who is different from you, or has some obstacle to overcome that you’ve never thought about (like oh, not being able to speak). After you become friends with that person, you have a new empathy for their life and their anger and frustrations.
This book goes in my stack of, ‘will read again'” ~Tracy Jones

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