Interview with Author K M Lightman

Interviewer: For the record, please state your name.

KM: K M Lightman

Interviewer: Besides writing, what do you do in your spare time?

KM: Och…I edit and freelance, knit and crochet. I also do a bit of artwork, rarely. I’ll be honest, I write a grand majority of my free time.

I am also a big foodie. I run a food blog on the side, I’m a budding voice actor, an amateur radio station. I do a lot of little things.

Interviewer: Busy bee 🙂

KM: I can’t stand being idle. Even if I’m watching telly, I have an afghan or scarf in my lap. I actually sell geek knit projects on my Etsy, all based on props from movies, television, and fandoms

Interviewer: What inspires your work?

KM: I’m an archetypalist. I find characters I like and go, ‘What would this character do in a different world, or varied situation?’ My Dark Side novel started as a ‘what happens after the show is over?’ fanfic for Storm Hawks that spawned its own universe, and the Dragonsbane was my idea of what an epic fantasy series would be if I were to write one, a la JRRTolkein or George RR Martin.

I cobble and alchemise characters from films, books, television, literature.

Dragonsbane, especially, gets a lot of influence from classical fantasy stories and Dungeons & Dragons. Mythica and Critical Role should, especially, get a mention for being a veritable treasure trove of character ideas.

Interviewer: What was your very first writing project and how did it come about?

KM: I remember…in even as early as grade school, writing a journal assignment in history class, one of those ‘write a journal entry, day in the life’ of a colonial person or something. Not only was it well written, I read it in an accent. My teacher sent me to all of our peer classes to share the entry. I realized then, I had a talent for storytelling.

Interviewer: I remember doing that in grade school. Those were fun!

KM: I started writing Harry Potter fanfics in middle school, which is where I began my crazy intense character studies. My first Original Fiction story was a poor attempt at steampunk, airship pirates; largely inspired by Lost Horizons by Abney Park.

I’d met them at Dragon*con in 2008, and the Captain had gifted me the album. It didn’t age well, so I scrapped it, but it was my first original novel project.

His music is always incredibly well written. Fantastic fellow. If you’re not following him on facebook or twitter, you really should, heh.

Captain Robert Brown, I mean, of Abney Park. He’s generally speaking, the lead songwriter

Interviewer: What’s his link?


Interviewer: Are you working on any new projects?

KM: Well… The Milk Blossom Festival is only a short story for a greater narrative.

Dragonsbane is an epic fantasy series that I’m still in outlining for. It’s got several ‘books’ to it, but the project insists on being either a film/animated feature or a graphic novel, so it’s a lot of notes and a couple scripts at this point.

Dark Side is a novel in my Kaeguri Chronicles that is something like the Sea Wolf in space, with aliens. That one is in the second act somewhere, but I had just installed a ship chaplain that has the story on hold until I figure out what I need to do with him.

I also have Dragon’s Wing, a sort of Beauty and the Beast novel, but with dragons, golems, and wizards. Dragon’s Wing and Dark Side are both on FictionPress as I get new chapters finished.

Then there’s Rats With Wings, a Batman parody comic book series, which is on hold because my artwork is rubbish. I’ve been designing my own circus themed tarot deck for several years now, the food blog, voice work, the radio station project, and the Etsy shop, for pocket money. *laughs* I come home from work just to keep working for myself. I’m a workaholic.

Oh, and… designs for a Halloween game.

Interviewer: Busy bee doesn’t even cover half of what you do lmao

KM: It’s a slightly campy, silly variation on the theme of horror puzzle games. My ex was a big horror game fan, Resident Evil and the like. So I wanted to make something in the vein in mechanics, but more tongue in cheek. Like Luigi’s Mansion, spooky and silly.

I think that’s all the things I’ve been working on lately lol

To be fair, Dark Side has been on hiatus a long time. Dragon’s Wing and the tarot deck just need churning, but Dragonsbane has been the one flitting about in my head a lot. Aand a radio play based on a friend’s Joker RP solo.

Basically, Joker takes over the GCR and plays music while doing shenanigans, lots of inside jokes for the Batman fans.

But that’s a voice over project and still needs a lot of writing and I need to not have my life packed in boxes to move lol but I tinker on it

I’ve also, recently, been trying to compile some writers for a quarterly geek magazine. but I’m more organizing that than writing for it.

But I’m the idea guy, so…

I have a concept that I need to make into a reality. but that’s such an abstraction right now, it’s hard to talk about.

I write CONSTANTLY…in various mediums (games, comics, graphic novels, prose) so… I am always working on something.

I think I might splurge and play a video game all day, something like once or thrice in a big lump, then not again for months, unless something awesome comes out I was looking forward to… otherwise, I’m screwing around on facebook or working lol or twitter or minecraft. It’s so bad for my battery. I shouldn’t, but i’m addicted to minecraft.

So artwise, I want to finish the tarot deck first, gain some more confidence there. Problem is…I write constantly, and rarely draw lol And it’s even more rare it gets past a doodle into something remotely resembling a finished piece, to say nothing of an epic fantasy graphic novel series

Dragonsbane kills me… it’s such a wonderful story, but it refuses to be prose. Like lusting for a woman already betrothed to someone else. Eurgh.

Interviewer: It’s good to focus on your writing but you should focus some energy and inspiration toward your graphic

KM: Well, the writing is my shining space, to be sure. I’m an amazing writer. not to say that to be arrogant, but I’ve been writing for more than half my life now.

I’ve been honing and perfecting my craft, I just…I can’t draw nearly as well as I write, ha!

I keep sketchbooks with me, but I’m not in the habit of using them, yet. but I’m working on it.

My new lover is an artist, she’s helping pressure me into it again.

Interviewer: Last question, not really a question, this is where you have the floor. What would you like to tell your fans, links to you and where we can find your stuff, etc

KM: Well… one of the things – well, two things that bother me that I hear a lot is A) I wish I could be a writer, and B) I don’t really read.

People that don’t read just… there’s so much you can learn about other cultures by reading. If not specifically a paper book, there’s audio books, blogs, creepypasta, short stories. There’s no excuse not to read. Tabletop RP like D&D is a great way to get into some real time storytelling, communal wise, improv comedy, go see a play. IMMERSE yourself in some culture. You’ll be a better person for it. And once you have an ability to appreciate the other side… WRITE. No matter how lame you think you are, your exact combination of upbringing, genetics, heritage, perspective, and etc., makes you a unique person.

What is normal to you is a fascinating, anomaly to someone else. What you think is funny or clever or wonderful, might be weird or boring to one person, and fascinating to another. You have a unique voice, USE IT! The world deserves your books, and you are here to write them, not to be in the way.

If you let yourself get out of the way, and let the story tell itself the way it was meant to be told, anyone can write, and I think everyone should, at least as a way to decompress your thoughts, rationalise your world, and express yourself.

When I’m going through a rough time, I have the best writing; heartbreak, death in the family, joblessness, homelessness, despair — I am careful not to drink or smoke, but I will write. I bleed onto the page and release the pressure in my soul into the story.

That pure honesty is going to touch someone and save a life. Do not let your ego and self-doubt get in the way of that.

For a comprehensive hub of my latest goings on, is the spider web. Everything is there – the writing, voice work, blog, editing, art, all of it.

Interviewer: Thank you for agreeing to the interview! This was fun!

KM: ^-^ I’m a loquacious one, sorry heh

Interviewer: No need to apologize! I like that about you


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