Interview With Author Christy Mann by Cloe Marrie



Interviewer: For the record, please state your name.

Christy: Christy Mann


Interviewer: What inspired you to become an author?

Christy: More like who inspired me. Kayla Vanderbilt.

She challenged me.

She and I had been friends for a while and she was living with me. She shared some of her early work with me. I was totally impressed. I had been a writer, written a few things myself at that point, but I was terrified to share them with anyone. She waited. A couple of years later, she told me about this writing challenge called NaNoWriMo. That was how it started. Fast forward a few years and she published her first book! I was so proud of her and impressed with her and I admired her. I wanted to do it too. Yep, she inspired me.


Interviewer: What was the inspiration behind your first book or story?

Christy: I started out writing in journals and poetry when I was a teenager. I got locked away in a treatment facility and learned to write as a coping skill. So, when things were bad or I was having trouble dealing with things, I wrote. My first story came about in my early 30’s when I was going through another dark time, and I ended up in a hospital. I put a 35,000-word dent in a dark fantasy romance in about 3 days. I got out of the hospital and haven’t touched it since.


Interviewer: Are you working on any current projects? If so can you give us a little taste?

Christy: Oh yes. Fogoyle was just the tip of the iceberg. I have Death of a Secret, it was supposed to be out in July of this year, but there was a death in the family, so it’s been postponed until January. There is my current Nano project too, Terrible Friend that I’m planning to release in April.

Death of a Secret is a thriller that will kind of mess with your mind. It did mine. It’s a story about a terrible secret (murder) that ruins a young girl’s life on the inside (stalker, abuse) and revenge (another murder) and how the secret dies.

Terrible Friend is a little lighter. The destruction of mankind is about to happen unless the characters can stop it. They use some very unconventional methods (magic) and are successful, but it changes all of them, not necessarily for the better.


Interviewer: When you entered into the world of the imagination, what was your favorite genre and why?

Christy: Honestly, Horror. I wanted to write the scary stuff. Make people have nightmares from reading my stuff. That was the ultimate. That’s not what is in my head apparently, though. It’s much darker and more twisted than “scary” I guess.


Interviewer: Horror is the best genre, in my opinion!

Christy: I think so too! Only, it’s not what I write. Fogoyle was a shot at scary, and it has some scare to it, but it is more suspense/thriller, roller coaster ride. Like the others. I love it!


Interviewer: What is your current favorite genre?

Christy: To read? I’m finding that I really like Urban Fantasy! The escape from reality or a blending of reality and fiction can really grab my attention and drag me in.


Interviewer: What about your favorite genre you write in…or is it just horror?

Christy: I never really gave that a whole lot of thought, until recently. I had to ask my beta readers what genre they thought Fogoyle should fall into. They all kinda fall into it, even though they are all dramatically different stories.


Interviewer: Out of all the characters that you’ve written, who is your favorite and why? Who’s your least favorite and why?

Christy: Good questions. I have 2 favorites. Jax and Albert. They are connected, so it’s hard to explain without giving a whole lot away. Albert is near and dear to my heart. I know him. He just flows out of me. Jax takes a tiny bit more work, but I know him too. He challenges me, and I toy with him a lot. So, I guess he would be the favorite. My least favorite character is Latham. A character from Death of a Secret. I hate him. It’s a strong word, but, yeah, I’ll use it for him. He is deplorable and awful, and there is nothing I enjoyed about writing him. He is what makes me question who I am sometimes.


Interviewer: Have you ever written a story that was out of your comfort zone?

Christy: I guess that depends on what you mean by comfort zone. Are we talking stuff that makes me feel queasy and gross because I wrote it or stuff that is beyond my knowledge and experience?


Beyond your knowledge and experience

Christy: Not yet. I’m 40 now. There isn’t a whole lot that I have haven’t thought about, experienced, or heard of. With that being said, I have never written a western. I’m tossing around the idea, though. In my mind, there is no subject off limits when I write, and I don’t think about genre or what I’m comfortable with, I let the story unfold as it will and figure what category it fits in later. It makes things easier to write I think.


Interviewer: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to participate in this interview. You rock! 

Christy: You are very welcome! Thank you for doing it. was fun and I appreciate you to for doing it.





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