Interview with Andrea Bunting and Story Review: Dominant and a Gentleman

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Andrea Bunting aka RobsHandMonkey

What inspired you to become a writer? 

Honestly, it was Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and her version of the honeymoon that brought it out of me. I needed the details between the time when Edward kisses Bella in the water, and when she wakes up covered in feathers! I felt like so much was missing and I decided to fill in the big blank she left with my own version of what happened. I also didn’t like the ending to the story, so I rewrote my own. After my first fanfiction, my head started filling with so many other stories, I was hooked.

How long have you been writing for? 

Since 2009

What’s your writing style like?

My beloved editor Karen suggested the answer to this question would be narrative.  I genuinely love to write a story that takes a reader out of their everyday lives and pull them into the imaginary world that plays out in my head. There is nothing more awesome than getting a review from a reader who tells me, they felt like they were right there!

What’s your favorite genre to write/read in and why?

Fiction, mostly romance. There is nothing better than a love story that ends with a happily ever after, however, I do believe that erotica is my forte.


What’s your least favorite genre to write/read in and why?


Non-fiction. My imagination doesn’t mesh well with writing that is based on the accuracy of actual events. Definitely not my favorite by any means!


Some writers have something playing in the background, do you and what?


I can’t really write while anything is playing in the background, and I don’t understand how people can listen to music and bust out a story at the same time! I can however look at a photograph and imagine an entire chapter based on that split moment that was captured in time.


What’s the inspiration behind your books?


I genuinely believe my readers are the ones that inspire me to write. Their love of the characters I create are truly what started it all, and still keeps me going.


If you could do it all over again, would you change anything about your books?


First and foremost my grammar! Ugh, it is horrendous.  Also, I wished I had worked out a couple of stories a little more thoroughly than I had when I started them. Those are the ones that have been left unfinished and to this day it still bothers me.  I feel very incomplete until I put A “The End” to a story I have started. What is worse is that there are  loyal readers still waiting for those last chapters!


Is there anything you found particularly challenging about writing?


Lately, it is finding the time alone to do so, but writers block is the biggest challenge of all. When your characters stop talking to you, it takes so much out of me to try to get them to talk to me again.


Who are your cover designers?


So far, myself,  I visualize my cover for every story I write.  A cover is so important and needs to grab the readers attention and make them want to take a further look into the story. I always strive to make my covers stand out from all the other covers out there.


What books/authors have influenced your writing?


I have to say pretty much every thing I read influences my writing in one way or another, but my characters are the most important ones that I always listen too, even when I may disagree with them. They never let me down.


What is your take on fanfiction?


I love fanfiction! Some of the best writing has come out of the fandoms and so many authors have gone on to write their own best sellers! I really don’t understand how people look down on it simply because people are using a character from another story. It is the stories themselves that are great works of writing. Fanfiction writers have come up with so many wonderful original story lines that are better than some published stories.


What advice would you give any newbie author or anyone that wants to pick up writing?


Write what you know, and don’t give up too quickly when someone or something discourages you.

Stay open to constructive criticism, and find someone you trust to give you honest feedback and suggestions. Also have someone else help edit, correct and polish up the final draft. The more you write, the more you will find how much you improve. What I wrote in the beginning of my time as an author and what I have written more recently, has improved tremendously.


Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about? Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.

I honestly don’t think there is anything that I haven’t told the entire world about me. I may be too open at times, but I am okay with that. It is just who I am. I have no shame and because of that,  I believe that makes me more approachable than most anyone else. My readers are the reason I have gotten where I am and they are the ones that I want to thank wholeheartedly for their love, support, and friendship on this journey. Without them, I would be pretty much talking to myself, which I do anyway! Ha! I can always be reached on my Facebook page or in my readers group on Facebook, just look up Andrea Bunting.


You can find my work at the following links also:


Plus, I am completely fine with my readers sharing my work online and I know several groups have some of my stories posted there. Or you can just ask me and I will gladly send you what I have.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us!!!


Story Review:Dominanate and a Gentleman by Robshandmonkey and Lostin Pa

This story is a Twilight Fan fiction and like most of Robshandmonkey AKA Andrea Bunting is heavy on the erotica with BDSM themes so I suggest if you cannot handle either of those this is not the story for you but with a powerful plot line that sucks you in and you just want to stay up all night reading it.

Edward and Anthony Cullen and twins that are in the Marine Corp, Charlie Swan is their commanding officer. Both twins have an excellent service record but only one of them can be put forward for special assignment of the presidential guard. In walks or should I say Barges Bella Swan into her daddy’s office while the brothers are waiting for their meeting with Charlie. Being twins both Anthony and Edward are instantly attracted to Bella.

The main characters in this story are of course Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Anthony Cullen and Bree tanner with supporting roles held by Charlie Swan and Emmett M Cathy. I should mention right now that Anthony is not into BDSM at all he is a gentleman believer in romantic dinners with long walks along the beach, while Edward is heavy into BDSM and a well know Dom in the area with a special interest in chains which very few have that interest. Sassy Bella who both boys want starts out with Anthony on a date but then goes to a BDSM club with Bree who is Bella’s on again off again Dom while Bella plays the part of submissive.

Edward watches a scene that Bree and Bella are playing out in one of the private room of the BDSM club while Edward has his pet playing. Bella admits that it is not Anthony that she wants but Edward during her scene and Edward being the cocky marine that he is tells her it is either her or him that tells Anthony that Bella wants to be with Edward.

Edward and Bella spend one weekend in Edward’s playroom. The chemistry and passion between these two is explosive and like nothing either of them have every experienced. Unfortunately, real life steps in and separates them.

There is a happy ever after with this story but since it is one of Andrea’s stories both characters must do through hardships before they can find each other again.

Andrea’s writing is unique, it has a powerful undertone and she can delve deep into what the characters are feeling or how she wants them to feel throughout her chapters of each story she writes especially this one.

Edward being a military cocky sure of himself kind of man must face that for the first time in his life he has found the perfect submissive and the perfect woman for him. He just lets her walk out of his life without the proper aftercare and he realises he fucks up.

Bella must face that what she believes she feels for Edward and what they shared did not mean as much to him as it did to her, or did it?  Bella must face her own issues and that the only man she has ever loved or will ever love is the one that got away, that she will not hunt him down, as a submissive that is just not in her character. She thinks he chose his career over her.

While Bella and Edward are going through their own form of transformation so is Anthony, who finds himself very attracted to Bree and with Bree’s help he soon realises that yes he has an interest in Edward’s lifestyle, that he really isn’t much different form his twin but in fact he is a submissive. Anthony must face that he can still be a hard core marine while at the same time being Bree’s submissive and life partner.

Andreas sex scenes are detailed and for those that like erotica and BDSM in their stories then this is one for you. Very few Authors can write BDSM in a way that it is not abusive but an art form and Andrea is one such author that can do that. But keeping the scenes and the story interesting.

Though this is a fan fiction story based on the Twilight Characters Andrea can create her own universe around those characters that is believable that they can be a standalone original A story but its not. These characters are so far from the original Edward and Bella. The Edward in this you just wish you could be the one that was chained in his playroom, While Bella is sassy with a mouth when she wants to be but has been written to be a well behaved submissive.






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