Review: In Shadows Waiting, By Stewart Bint

Stewart starts the book as a diary entry with the opening line “The creature’s triumphant laugh”.

With this bold statement, you are hooked wanting to know more, as you follow the Reynolds family on their journey of discovery as to what this creature is and what it wants. You follow Simon on a journey of realization into a world of supernatural and demons of evil….. but is it. This is a love story that travels through time and realms of existence to seek their one true love.

The books start with Simon enjoying his summer break, just finishing his A level. The Reynolds live on a property called White Pastures just outside a small village in England. Strange things start happening and Simon is the first to notice them along with his older sister Helen.

As the story progresses the rest of the family notice these strange occurrences and so Does Helen’s Boyfriend Mark who has come to stay with the family for a few weeks.  Mark encourages Simon to seek out more information about the house and its history and what they discover is tragic.

During an outing Mark and Simon are attacked by something unknown and almost killed, then on the way home, Simon almost kills the three in the car. And things continue to happen to the family and their guest at an alarming evil rate to the point the family seek the assistance of the old village Vicar  Reverend McBeil.

This book keeps you hanging wanting to know more, what will happen next, what is this creature, why is it doing this…. These are all the questions you will ask while reading it. The deeper you go into the story the more questions it raises. Stewart has provided believable characters and descriptive settings in each chapter, you feel like you are there along with young Simon and his family as they live this terrifying experience.

I should warn you there is character death both major and supporting an old favorite in the book. But their deaths are part of the journey that young Simon must go on.

The book is spine tingling as you go through the journey with Simon and at times you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for what next is to happen. It is a short book and if you dedicate a day to it you probably will finish it, but it is worth a read if you like suspense, supernatural, with some new age concepts perfectly placed in it.



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