Review: Timeshaft is a Sci-fi novel set in the future by Stewart Bint.

The story centers around several main characters but focuses on Ashday’s Child and his journey through time using the Timeshaft to travel in time shuttles along the shaft to different times throughout his world’s history. The Timeshaft allows Ashday’s Child to travel from the beginning of the Timeshaft at the beginning of time to the end of the Timmeshaft and the of the World.

There are several story lines running throughout the book but at the end of each chapter you have begun to understand Where Stewart is going with the story. As you read along in the book you start to understand why Ashday’s Child chooses to travel throughout history to prevent or create catastrophic worldwide disasters that will ultimately affect the Timeshaft or to create it. His need to see event carry out the way he sees the future happening by making sure events follow the time line he knows and understands.

Stewart again captures the attention of the reader, leaving the reader asking questions as the story goes along but believing there will be answers. Ashday’s Child Character is believable as an old wise man who know what is to happen and how to make it happen.

Stewart is descriptive in his scene-setting for each chapter and allows the reader to have a clear understanding of what Stewart is trying to portray. The story is an easy read with language easily understandable by the wider population and the story is suitable for a wide range of age groups.

Anyone that enjoys stories around time travel should read this, or looking for something to read in a day with sci- fi theme should give this ago.




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