The Dark Prince Trilogy by Autumn Winchester Review

Autumn captures the heart of the reader with this trilogy, the first book The Dark Prince is set with Case Marcel Prince of the Mob Marcel Family set to take over when his father Ivan retires. But Chase is not your ordinary Mafia Prince out for how much money his men can make for him, or for revenge for wrong doings done to his family. No Chase is determined to make the world a better place for his family and the world by ending human slavery, human trafficking, drugs and the selling of weapons.

Chase starts his mission in The Dark Prince by purchasing 2 female slaves Summer Meads and Clare her younger sister. Chase has always wanted to free Summer, he first met her when she was a skinny young girl of five upset because her father was making her live with him instead of with her mother Emma. Chase made a promise to that young girl on that day that he would free her. Little did he know that it would take him many years to fulfil that promise. Chase did at the first chance he could. Chase being Summer’s new handler forces Summer to marry him on her 18th birthday, you think he has not changed but he does this to protect her.

Throughout the book, Chase and Summer’s love develops slowly as Chase gently encouraged Summer to learn to think has an independent woman, after all the abuse and trauma she has lived through in her young life. She has never been her own person but the property of evil men that use and abuse a child. Chase is the even caring husband wanting what is best for Summer Allowing her to learn to make decisions about her own life slowly. There is a tragedy in this first book that affects them deeply and causes Summer to take a few steps backwards in becoming a strong you woman. Summer must face her demons both the living and those from her past. Summer learns of all those that tried to help her in her past but failed for different reasons. By the end of the book Summer realises what Chase always knew and that was she was a survivor and that she was loved

Autumn has written this book in a way that allows the reader to feel each emotion that the characters are going through. To what to scream at times when something goes wrong but also cheering when Summer makes a step in the right direction. This is not your typical mafia story all action packed with detailed love scenes but more a tragic love story that must stand the test of time and adversity that comes at them at all corners. You sit and wonder as you read the first book how much more can these two go through, when will they get a break and their happy ever after. The first books set the scene for the journey these to loves must face and how they overcome it.




The second book in the trilogy is called Becoming His Princess

In this book we are again joined by Chase and Summer. In this book, Summer is kidnapped and what the kidnappers will do to Summer before Chase can find her has him worried sick about it, while terrifying Summer. There is only one scene where the kidnappers have their way with Summer but only to a certain point and the details are not too graphic. Chase is on a mission to find her before it is too late. What Chase does not know is that Summer has a way out, her escape and that there are some of Chases men on the inside helping Summer escape her captives and get to safety.

This is the start of Summer’s journey in becoming the princess that Chase need to change the world. Summer also meets two of her uncles but in this book, does not know this all she knows is they are helping her escape and hide her away from everyone including Chase and the man looking for her.

Though this book is about both Chase and Summer’s journey into becoming who they need to be it does focus on Summer’s start of her transformation. If you have read the first book, then you will defiantly want to read this one just to see the changes being made in both Summer and Chasse. It is also the bridging book between books one and book three. Setting the reader up for what they can expect from book three.



Book three the final chapter is: Princess of Darkness

This book is the climax of everything that has been set up in the first two books the story line continues with Chase searching for Summer. Summer spending time with her uncles in Colorado learning to be the Princess that she was destined to be.

Summer (known as Grace in this book) learns how to take down her emery, how to use anything for a weapon and how to be point blank spot on target with a gun. Grace makes a new friend in this book. She discovers herself and become a woman of great inner strength that she never realised she had. This book Grace also finds out her life story from her uncles, who her real father is and what she must do to protect those that she loves the most. This book Grace does without any questions what she needs to do to take her role as princess of the Marcel family. She also finally believes that she deserves to be princess and the princess that Chase should have.



This series is easy to read Mafia series, the details that are given about the lives of the characters is believable but not graphically that it might cause reader to become upset by what they read. I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a good welwell-writtenries that is in the genre of crime, love and mafia. It has suspense, intrigue but also written in a way that you feel and experience the development of each character as they face the challenges those around them have put them in. there is no real graphically detail sexual scenes.  But the love scenes that are written showing the gentleness of Chase, how he wants to cherish and treasure his princess. Wanting to love her in ways that she has never experienced. To show her the art of love making

Though there are some very sick, twisted evil characters in this series there is mention of what they want to do to Summer, how they want to torture her but there are no details of this happening to Summer either in her past or her present. The author has been careful to give away enough details to explain Summer’s life but not to be too explicit.

Ultimately this is a story of love that has had to stand the test of time and the true evilness of the world. It is also about one finding themselves with and without the help of others the tests one must take and learn from while doing that. It is about the inner strength one must have to continue living through such adversity and trauma, how much can one person’s mind, body and spirit can take before they give up.




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