His to Own by Autumn Winchester ~Review

His to Own is the first book in a new series written by Autumn Winchester. Autumn has set the first book up very clear on what you can expect from this series.

This series is about Avidya Ray whose life growing up was sheltered and totally controlled by her father Cody Ray who is also the Paster of their home town. Avivdya’s life is that controlled she has never decided for herself, she has never even been to a shopping mall to purchase her own clothing. Every decision in her life is made by Cody, to his parishioners he is a good law abiding paster who he and his wife are heavily involved in the community and giving back. What is mentioned is the secret life that Cody leads and mention of his involvement in the Melendez Mafia family. But nothing is clear what that involvement is, I would imagine this will become clear in future books. Cody is a hard man that lives in a world of his own where he believes that a woman and nothing but there to do his bidding, he has very archaic ideas that appears he has gotten them from the 1950’s but he also believes in arranged marriages and is on the search for one such future husband for Avidya. Avidya also finds out that she is not who she really thought she was, but who are her real parents? That is the question that Avidya must learn the answer to

There is action in this book from the very start with Avidya being kidnapped, drugged, blindfolded and present as a gift to a man Avidya does not know. Zachariah Melendez is the next in line in the Melendez Mafia family business. Though is not your typical Mafia prince he has a heart of gold and behind his families back set out to help those with less better their life in one way or another. When he is presented with Avidya as a gift for payment on a debt, branded like cattle with his mark. He knows who she is and that she is now his to keep or kill because he can never let her go.

This series clearly shows Avidya discovering herself as she learns to be a woman on strength and character. There is also a well-developed theme of not only Mafia families but also well researched and devolved settings of BDSM and how Zachariah teaches Avidya about what it means him being a Dom and her being a submissive.


This first book explores the basic first steps any new submissive needs to learn as well as any new relationship weather is being a BDSM or vanilla relationship. These lessons are carefully placed through the first good as not to overwhelm Avidya but also the reader especially a person that has no understanding of what a BDSM relationship means.  Everything from what BDSM is and isn’t is explained, what it means to both parties of the relationship. Avidya being both a virgin with no sexual experience in either a BDSM life or Vanilla Zachariah works slowly watching as she learns what she does and does not life.

There are of course some answers given in the first book but is does set the scene for both Avidya and Zachariah to uncover. There is also drama and intrigue as to who is after Avidya and why. The story does end of sort of a cliff hanger with the reader wanting more but there is a surprise at the end that does provide some answers but you do not know who is reading it

The First book in this series will be available to purchase 3rth January 2017



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