REVIEW: The Jigsaw and the Fan by Stewart Bint

Again, another captivating intriguing novel by Stewart Bint. The question is who is the real puppet master, there are so many game players, it is who you least expect it to be, you must read it to find it

Albert Carter was a shop steward at the Jebsons Glue Factory but also the union representative. The book starts off with Albert experiencing his death making his journey to the heavens with the help of his friend Georgie. He arrives at the Condition of Transit is faced with a strike against Saint Christopher whose department are the only ones to make the decision if Albert should go to heaven or hell. Due to the backlog Albert is sent to Marlston Manor to wait his time as a ghost he rex havoc causing on the residents of the Manor all in the name of justice in Albert’s eye. Albert believes that the wealthy upper-class man is benefiting from the poor working class. It does not matter what anyone says to Albert he is assured of his cause, that he is doing the right things no matter the cost to both the Earthly realms and the spirit realms.

What changes will Alberts antic bring about to both the Earth and the spirit world? Can one man’s actions really cause so much destruction to the fabric of the universe

In this novel, the Author provides the reader with descriptive, understanding of the working of death and the effects one man or spirit can have on the universe because he is set in his ways and believes there is no alternative than his way of thinking. The Characters are well developing and play off each other brilliantly All through the novel the author gives the character an opportunity to see the messages he is being given and is blinded by his own self-rightness. The damage he is causing… But is it?

The author provides you with a mystery to solve as you read, is it really who you expect to be the puppet master. The author really does provide details of the structure of the governing of heaven and hell and how old laws are archaic which is only clearly shown by one man and the havoc he causes in a short time in Marlston Manor






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