REVIEW: Spy Game By Suz deMello

Spy Game is an intriguing novel filled with action, suspense, romance and a touch of humor as you watch young  USSA operative Ani Sharif on her first undercover mission to  infiltrate Silicon Valley’s playboy  tycoon Richard Rexford AKA T-Rex software company

The Author has created characters that are both believable and loveable at the same time, as you watch them play out the respective roles both in the office and in the bedroom as their romance blooms both discovering something neither have had.

Ani is both a free spirit that does not like to be tied down while at the same time a computer hacking genius Harley riding bike chick. While Richard is CEO of but his heart his yacht the Trophy Wife and the sea, Like Ani he does not like to be tied down and prefers the open ocean, many would say he is emotionally unbailable until he meets Ani and he struggles to keep his desires in check and the more he learns about Ani the more he wants her and not just for her computer skills.

Who would think a staff meeting that the programmers like every other staff member that works at on Sexual Harassment could change the Game for Ani and Richard.

Ani is faced with a difficult decision while undercover at how to gain access to Richard’s computer and complete her mission and not lose her morals and heart, a task ultimately Ani loses giving her heart and body to Richard only to realise her has betrayed her in the worst possible way he could and her revenge is the sweetest she could do, to his beloved Trophy Wife. This is also one of the best revenges I have read about how she goes for what she knows will hurt him the most and the funniest.

The hero and heroine do find love together but first, they must face trials and work together while trying to get over the other.

There is plenty in this story to keep you entertained and wanting to keep reading only to be disappointed when you find out you are at the end of the book because you just want to keep reading about the world the Author has created for these two. These are well researched and well developed characters and plot lines providing a clear understanding of both what the story is about and what is happening.

The bedroom scenes what can I say they are just HOT HOT HOT. But its not over the top or too detailed that it becomes slow and boring for the reader, even in the bedroom there is action to the max.

Highly recommend this book if you are looking for suspense, romance with a sweet touch of funny.


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