REVIEW: Bearly Awake By D.R Perry

This book has it all wolf shifters, dragon shifter, fairies, vampires, bear shifter and one lone human in amongst all these extrahumans at Providence Paranormal College. This book is part of a series of books based on PPC, if this book is anything to go by for the first book in the series, you must go and get the rest of the series to read it is that worthwhile.

Lynn is the only human at a College for Paranormal extrahumans that study specialized areas within the paranormal. Lynn is assigned a fellow student and Bear shifter Bobby from the South to help him prepare for his final exam before the winter break. Lynn’s job is to keep Bobby awake for the next few days and to prepare him for the exam before he falls into hibernation for the winter. Both Lynn and Bobby get more than they bargain for. Both from their now found friends and each other.

This would not be a Paranormal Romance without a little love, but it is delivered so well that it just flows with the story as natural as a slow running stream. There is intimacy in the story but it is limited mentions and is subtle in its delivery. The Author clearly does not want the intimacy to be the focal point of the romance between the two lovers, but to focus on what is happening around them and with them.

There is a hidden villain in this book that leaves an air of mystery to the story as the friends try to find out who is behind it as there have been the use of magi throughout the history of the College to cause such events described in this book.

The Night creatures band are a scream for a bunch of college student vampires

The Author has created a world in this novel that you just fall in love with and get sucked right along with the characters to the point when you return to reality from the Halls and walls of PPC life has just got that little much dimmer. The Author has been that detailed and descriptive in her setting of the scenes virtually creating a clear visual for the reader to see.

The writing in this book shows that not only does the author have an amazing talent and creative mind but also research has gone into this book, with a lot of thought processing into creating just the right balance of paranormal with romance.







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