BOOK REVIEW: Darkness & Light by J.A Belfield

What can I say in my short time writing for this blog I have read many fantastic novels that all have a major impact on me from a personal level. Light and Darkness does just that and more. It is hard for me to articulate how this book made me feel but I will try.

I found this book to be powerful while at the same time a true love romance of two people Jem and Sean whose love have been seen over life times across centuries for them to reunite again in this book.

For Jem, she is a board housewife who’s only real freedom from her tyrannical husband Peter is when she goes out with Poppy her best friend on a Thursday shopping. In the beginning of the novel Peter’s behaviours are borderline abusive as the story progresses he turns into an evil controlling abusive husband.

During Jem’s over a period of several weeks’ time during her marriage to Peter, Jem has been dreaming about werewolves like she did as a child and the sexy handsome guy Sean. Destiny and Fate have a way of getting these two soul mate lovers together through a chance meeting when Jem gets lost one day. From there things spiral out of control for Jem and she needs to get away from Peter before he kills her. With the help of Poppy and Sean she escapes and hides at Sean’s family home.

The book has portrayed the character of Jem very well from a woman with the strength to escape her abusive husband of many years. Finding herself through trails and training she didn’t know she was having to becoming this strong independent woman with a mind of her own with the love of her new man who stands beside her every step of the way.

This story is not just about Jem and Sean’s journey on finding love or the family history (which is very intriguing) of Sean’s but the undying plot is Jem’s self-discovery of who is really is away from Peter and who she is meant to be with Sean.

Of course, like any good book there is a villain and in this book, it does not disappoint it have a family of villains that are after Jem, when stupid Peter finds Jem’s dream journal, takes it to work and a family of Werewolves find it, reads it and decide that Jem should be with them.

The story ends with Jem finally realising who she was all along and what she has achieved.

I found this book to be both intriguing and entertaining. I did not find any lulls in this book or times where you might question why the author wrote what they wrote. It has a steady flow of action vs comedy and romance. The author clearly has done her research into abusive relationships because that is clear in both descriptions of the life of Jem and Peter. That Jem needs and seeks help to escape Peter. Her journey of self-discovery produces this strong independent woman who will not take crap from anyone and she quickly discovers the skill of answering back and saying what she likes or feels. By the end of the book you would not recognize the woman Jem has become from the start of the book.

I would strongly recommend this book and would suggest any readers that love romance with a touch of Werewolves to it, then grab this you will get hooked, and you will want to read the whole series

If this is a sample of this authors writing I suggest you check out her other works of writing.


It should also be noted that this book is currently free on Amazon


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