REVIEW: Change in Crime by D.R Perry

What can I say about this book except it keeps you on the seat of your pants the whole time.

It is set in the 1020’s when probation was enforced and rumrunners were the norm for gangster and the mafia, there is crime everywhere and then you have the changed. What are they well you must read the novel to find out.

The changed are not your normal everyday monster, though they are referred to as monster. There are your good ones and your evil canning one and a few as old as time its self. You might think them vampires but they are not, they are different, their habits are similar in some ways but in others so far from being a vampire and that shows in the way the author has written them

The main Heroine Oguina is what the legends are made of a beautiful woman that does not age and Leo seeks her out to seek revenge for the killing of his family and this is their journey of how he achieves his revenge on those that took the ones he loves

There are new character appear throughout the novel and you just wonder what their role is in all this, but like real life you do not see only the same people day in and day out there is always new people that come into your life.

The author has kept this book authentic right down to the dress and language that is used throughout the book so that it takes you back in time to the 20’s.

This book is full of suspense, action, drama and just about a bit of everything. It is not the kind of book you can read a little and return to it a few days later, you just want to keep reading to see what happens next.

With lines like this “ He really had to start taking better care of his clothes, or else change them so they’d heal themselves” just make you want to laugh just imaging changed clothes healing themselves.

Then there are powerful thought invoking lines like this “ Nothing is. Effort expanded increases worth. If we only do what’s quick and easy. We’d do nothing important at all. That line just makes you sit back and take a good long think about it and realise that it is such a true statement and really makes you assess the things in your life that have been important and were they done with effort or were they achieved quickly

The characters are well developed and researched, the author having a clear understanding of what it was like in the 20’s is clearly shown in this novel. The language she used and the props in the scenes especially the descriptive nature of all the background information she provides.

This is a thought provoking, mind challenging novel that is well worth buying and giving it a read. It challenges concepts of what you believe throughout, while at the same time creating a believable world that you would be sure came right out of time from the 1920’s


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