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What more can I say about this book but NOOOOO it finished and I just wanted to keep reading it was that good.

It is the tale of vampire romance of a different kind. Lena a guardian, worrier of the Order of vampires who belonged to the Seelie Court, the aristocracy of Faerie, She was often known for bending the rules that she is govern by seeks out the fallen who unlike vampires, they take the souls of humans instead of letting them find their souls back to the glory.

Then there is the King Thorn Blackwood, who is the king of all vampires, commander of the order and the one person that features in all of Lena’s fantasies. Together with all the Order they are to search for Eden from the house of Greenshire who has been missing for 200 years through an honour bound agreement called Onaerelen, which the king is honour bound to achieve.

As Lena and Thorn begin to work together they discover this uncontrollable need to be sexual but it goes beyond that they are true mates. Not only does Thorn fight this because of the laws of his kind but Lena is slowly going mad with visions she cannot explain and her need to be with Thorn.

They solve the missing Eden as it might be predictable as to who it is, you just must love the way the author has written the journey, as they discover who Eden really is and what that will mean to everyone especially Lena.

This book is so well written that if you have a love of vampires and romance you just don’t want to put it down, and that is just what I did, I kept reading until it was finished and then I wished there was more.

The book isn’t just filled with romance there is also plenty of action, deception, intrigue and drama. It keeps you entertained from chapter to chapter and there is no lull in the book, not once do you questions why the author has written that.

The sexual scenes are so well written you can’t help but get hot under the collar as you read. But they are far from over the top and you don’t wonder why it is still going on.

Each chapter just keeps getting better and better as Lena finally puts the pieces together to realise who she really is and what that means for her future.

The author has taken a different view on vampires and I have to say I just love it, that they are not the common portrayal of blood sucking demons, that they can be organised, eat and find love


I highly recommend this book, go out and buy it you wont regret it


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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the read! x