Review: The Rub by StillDreaming85

16406938_10208181846440950_1219551605025169853_nWhat can I say about The Rub, this author has yet again brought us a story full of twists, but a true Edward and Bella love story. This is a mafia story with a difference. It starts with Edward having left Bella with no money and a mountain of bills that she just does not know what to do, where Edward is or how she is going to take care of their 2 children.

Through desperation Bella takes a job at The Rub which is a massage pallor with added bonuses for the right price. Because Bella has had to do whatever it takes to live and pay off the debts she has she begins to hate Edward.

Edward returns kidnaps Bella and the kids, to take them to Mexico where he has been working for the Charlsie and the Cartel. Has Edward changed, will Bella take if back only by reading this will you get the answers to these questions and more. Yes, there is a happy ever after but this Bella is not a push over and easily walked on like the Bella from Twilight, she has had to be tough to survive before Edward walks back into hers and the children’s life.

This is a well written story with limited but very hot sex scenes making this story well detailed story lines. The chapters are short which means they can be read in a few short minutes. But as I read this as a work in progress I was always desperate for the next chapter. Can I say that StillDreaming85 kept the twists hidden and you read a chapter and go I did not see that coming.

I recommend this story highly if you love a good old fashion Edward Bella mafia story with a twist and turns when you least expect them.

Check out StillDreaming85’s fanfiction page I have read most if not all her work and highly recommend her stories

The Rub Fanfiction Page

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2 responses to “Review: The Rub by StillDreaming85

  1. Great review! I’m looking forward to reading this now it’s finished.


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