BOOK REVIEW: BlueMoon by J.A Belfield



Yet again this I had high hopes for this book it is the second book in the Holloway Series Pack and again the author exceeed my expectations. The book was action packed and there were so many moment when I went I didn’t see that coming. I just wanted to keep reading more when it ended and wondered what the Author had in store for the next book but it looks promising.

In this book, Jem is well established as a female werewolf with the Holloway pack and mate to Sean. You would think that after the first book Jem’s journey of self-discovery was over you will be wrong. No Jem explores and faces that the facts that she comes from a powerful line of witches and she needs to tap into those powers to save her family and the pack time and time again with the help of her sister Jess.

You would also be wrong in thinking Jem is jealous because some of the boys have found girlfriends and the way the author has written the story it is easy to see that unless you take the time to really look at what is happening around Jem and why she is acting that way. Till finally both Sean and Nate believe her and help her set the boys free from the witches that are on the hunt to recreate a superior race of supernatural. Yes, Jem must come up again a coven of witches that broke away from their own coven because their belief in a superior race of supernatural by breading werewolves and witches.

The pack does not agree with Jem’s methods especially when Sean is taken hostage along with 2 other pack members for breading. With the Help of Jess Jem is awakening the witchy in her. There is also a surprise appearance of Nate’s wife and mother of Sean who sides with Jem on her mission to save the boys from the witches. Jem is determined to go it alone and protect the rest of the male pack members from falling into that greedy latches of the witches.

Again, this novel kept me entertained it was so well written that it keeps you wanting more. These novels are written and designed for young adults and adults of any age group. The intimate scenes are described enough so you know what happened and the feelings involved but are not graphic to turn you off. I just love this about this author

The information provided and the backstories of each character are well researched and developed and the author clearly shows a passion for things supernatural. Each scene or chapter is well set out and the pace of the book is easy flowing with no slow sections. It’s the kind of book if you want to escape for a day or weekend and get lost in a different world with eternity love and soul mates then this is the book and series for you. I highly recommend this book and its series for any avid reader of romance but wanting something different.

The Ending is the best but it creates a must must read the next book.


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