STORY REVIEW: It’s a sign by CaraNo


Again CaraNo supersedes in telling a touching story of Edward and Bella. This time Edward is a single father of a 5-year-old daughter who is deaf. Edward a musician and composer for Broadway shows after graduating from Gillard. He meets 19-year-old Bella who is friends with his sister Rosalie. Instant attraction between them except Edward will not make a move because of the age gap. What amazes Edward is that Bella knows sign language and freely signs to his daughter while talking with the adults in the aisle of their local supermarket. Edward quickly hires Bella as his daughter’s babysitter while be works

The love between them is fast but Edward holds back because of Bella’s age he does not want to hold Bella back. Bella is determined to be with Edward and his daughter. In this story, Bella is a strong character determined to get what she wants but also loved beyond boundaries of age for both Edward and his daughter. At the same time, she will not take Edward’s crap. But while strong she is also venerable and insecure because of her age and believes Edward really does not know she wants him of that they could be right for each other.

Like all the writing by CaraNo which is exceptional this story does not let know down. You want to keep reading until it finishes and then it’s like NOOO you just want to keep reading. This author creates amazing stories and had a real passion for writing especially about Edward and Bella. The story line is well thought out in this story and the Author either has done a lot of research into the life of a deaf child and their families or has life experience in this area. There was no clear error in the way it was written that the author knew what she was writing about, how she came to that knowledge only the author can tell us that.

I thought I had read just about everything this author has written that is fan fiction I was pleasantly surprised when I found this little gem and yes, it’s a little gem. I strongly recommend this Author as a fan fiction writer and as I have only just discovered this author has many original fictions published, So fans of our blog go check out her work.I know I will be checking out her original fiction if her writing of her fan fiction is anything to go by.

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