REVIEW: Death and Destiny Trilogy by N.D. Jones


N.D. Jones is a fantastic author!!! Her Death and Destiny Trilogy was beyond amazing!

I loved the dynamics between Assefa (the main male character) and Sanura (the main female character) because you could tell from the first meeting that they were meant for each other. I really liked how she mated witches, shifters, and warlocks because I feel they match each other perfectly. The first book in the trilogy started out slow but picked up quickly. I really thought that Eric’s wife was really getting abused by his brother Stephen and thought it was a clever trick by Sanura to help fix Eric. Book 2 was even better. I loved all the battle scenes because she has great strategy in them which makes you really think. I hated all of the death and pain in book 2, though, but I understand the reasoning behind it.

I also loved how she had the sisters Oya and Mami Wata because Oya is the forgiving sister no matter what Mami Wata does.

I would read any book written by N.D. Jones because her Death and Destiny trilogy captured my attention and mind from the beginning. If any of her other books are half as amazing as this trilogy was then I’m her number 1 fan!


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  1. ndjonesauthor

    Thank you very much for the awesome review. My birthday is Saturday, so your review is a wonderful early birthday treat.



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