BOOK REVIEW: Bound to the family

Lazzaro Cipriano is the mafia boss of the Cipriano family and is getting ready to hand over the reins to his son Antonio Caprino or better known as Ace when he turns twenty-five as long as he meets all the requirements for their tradition. There is one tradition that Ace has not met and it is that he must be married to take over the family business. Ace is dam good at what he does every business venture he has taken on has made the family more money than anyone expected. Ace like his father and grandfather is also a dominant and well respected in the BDSM community.

Meet Coralina who has just graduated from Washington University with a degree in business administration but has yet to find a job in any field to be able to help her pay her student loans and to live. Coralina has had a hard life with neither parent ever really loving her. Coralina since the age of eighteen when she discovered a BDSM book in the library has been exploring in secret the world of BDSM and training herself to be a submissive which she is a natural at. Coralina share an apartment with Rachele.

Rachele’s boyfriend Jackson knows of Coralina’s struggles to find employment and suggests to Ace ( of whom he has been best friends with since they were children, Jackson is also Ace’s manager of Diamond Knott’s an exclusive BDSM club) that he might hire Coralina as their new server. When Jackson approaches Coralina about working at the club and what it is he discovers Coralina’s secret.

On Coralina’s first day on the job Ace meets her and instantly wants her, he has a strong need to protect her and prevent his father or even Jackson from finding a suitable Dominant for Coralina. Ace rushes to Coralina’s aid when she is attacked by Ray Storm one of the patrons of the club and a real trouble maker. Ace takes Coralina to his families’ private suite in the club and admit to her that he wants her as his submissive she agrees to this because like Ace she feels this unbelievably strong attraction to Ace and need to be his knowing this is what she has always been looking for and finally has found it.

Their romance is quick and within a few days not only does Coralina agree to a BDSM realationship with Ace but also a boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. They quickly fall in love and on a outing with Ace and his parents they run into Michael De Luca. Ace and his father notice right away the strange look Michael is giving Coralina.

It is quickly discovered by Ace, his father and Michael the secret Coralina’s mother has been keeping all these years from everyone including Coralina. When she finds out the truth she is shocked and there are concerns for her safety depending on what Michael will do with the information.

This ends with Coralina and Ace sharing their first playroom scene and them making a decision that will effect everyone’s lives in hope for the better.

I am trying very hard to not give away too much of the story

I first read this story as a fan fiction when the author first published it and fell in love with it.

Having known this author for some time now through social media I have read all her fan fiction works and loved them all including this one. So, I was happy when I read that she was publishing the fan fiction as an original fiction. I wondered whether this book and series would be as great as the fan fiction as I have read some great adaptations to original fiction and some I was disappointed in.

But Amber did not let me down at all. I absolutely love this story and know I will love the rest of the series when they are published and would be honored to review them for her.

Having known this author for a while I have had discussion with her about her writing and know that she does a lot of research into the life and minds of both the BDSM community and the Mafia world and that clearly is shown in this book.

Each character has their own unique strengths and weakness. They are so well written you would believe that this book is an autobiography of a mafia family not a fictional book it is that believable. Each character mess well together and even the villains you will either love or hate but they are well written in a way that it can only be one of the other, love or hate.

Each scene and chapter is well thought out, researched and planned beautifully to provide a wonderful love story of two people that are meant to be together and those around them that help. Even the sexual scenes are not all about BDSM and the playroom or play parties. Ace and Coralina explore each other outside of play time. They have been beautifully written to give you a sense of what the characters are thinking and feeling along with making you just to dam hot

Ace has been written as a strong but fair Dominant and future Don of the family. It is almost like the author has extensive experience into the mind of a dominant and all that it in tails to create such a loveable master, he is well respected in the world of the BDSM community that Amber as created and I strongly believe if he was real he would also be as respected.

As for Coralina it is clear that she has no real experience as what it is to be a submissive but again the author has written her in a way that shows that Amber has a clear understanding of what it means to be a true submissive either with years or training or not in Coralina’s case. But she also finding out about the truth of who she is and what a true family means

It makes this writer wonder is the authors research and passion to create such wonderful character in this book just extensive research and planning or is there some real life to this world she has created.

If you have a passion and love for all things mafia and BDSM then this is a must read, it won’t let you down.

Watch you because I strongly believe this author is going places.




For the record, please state your name.

Amber Joi Scott

What inspired you to become a writer?

For most of my life I have enjoyed using my creative genes by crocheting and knitting, however in 2014 I was diagnosed with RA and could no longer hold the needles.  I had a story line running in my head for months and finally got the never to write it down.

What social media do you use to contact with your fans?

Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and my website

What is your username on the different social media platforms? (do you want this information to be published)

It is fine to publish.  Amber Joi Scott is my published pen name

My fandom pen name is HeartforTwilight

My graphic design name is CD Rodeffer

How long have you been writing for?

January 2015

What’s your writing style like?

I love writing in third person.  I want my readers not to just see in the mind of one person, but everyone that is around.

What’s your favorite genre to write/read in and why?

Mafia/Erotica, but always will have a strong love theme running through the story.

What’s your least favorite genre to write/read in and why?


Some writers have something playing in the background, do you and what?

It depends on the scene.  I need something with lots of bass for love scenes.

What’s the inspiration behind your books?

I have always loved mafia and romance movies and wanted to write a story that combined the two.

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything about your books?

I would have done a better job of a pre-sale and promoting, but live and learn.

Is there anything you found particularly challenging about writing?

My weakness is grammar and spelling, so that is what I find most challenging.  However never finding quality time to write is also another problem.

Who are your cover designers?

I am also a graphic designer, so I do my own covers, teasers, and videos.

Facebook Link for Graphic Design work

Graphic Design Website

What books/authors have influenced your writing?

Jane Austin, E.L. James, Stephanie Myers, Julia Garwood

What is your take on fanfiction?

I started out as a reader and lover of fanfiction and that is where I spread my wings in writing.

What advice would you give any newbie author or anyone that wants to pick up writing?

Do it.  Get plugged in with writing groups, help groups who can give you support.  Don’t let negative reviews get to you.  There are people out there have nothing better to do than try to bring authors down.

What challenges have you found as an author?

As a new author, getting people to read and review your story.  There are so many wonderful authors out there and it is very hard to get your story seen.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

I have a friend who is not a writer, and I saw a post stating that she was publishing her first book.  I asked why she had told me, but it wasn’t her put someone else with the same name.

What is your bucket list?

I would love to be on the Best Sellers List

Do a book signing in New York

Get my series on the big screen.  I have a group of readers who are Firemen and they said they wanted to take me to the premier in a fire truck.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was not good.  Actually when I tell people my life story, they are shocked.

As a child, what was your dream career?

To be honest as a child I just wanted to survive.

What about your adult life?

It has not been all roses, but I have a wonderful husband and three wonderful, caring, loving, hardworking young adult children.

What do you love/hate about being a writer?

I love bringing my characters to life and tell their story.  I hate that I have so many ideas for stories, but not enough time to write them.

How did you get your big break as an author?

I wrote in the fandom and my readers keep telling me that I need to publish my work.  I decided to give it a try, and I have had great response for my first book.

Tell us about your hobbies?

I love grabbing a book, a cup of hot tea and crawling up in my chair and read a book.  I also love walking our property and take photos of nature.  I am a huge movie nut and love watching movies.

Tell us about your art? How did you start out?

*****I am not sure what you wanted here, but if you are talking about my graphic design.  I began taking photographs in the early 80’s, actually paid my way through college doing so.  I work in a photo finishing lab where I would physically paint the eyes in on wedding photos.  I love work with images and blend different types of images together.

Tell us about your fondest childhood memory?

Going to into town and getting a milkshake at the five and dime store.

Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about? Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.

I am a simple person with simple needs.  The joy I get from writing is beyond words.  When I read a review and I see that the love that I pour into my characters and scene actually did convey to the reader.  I am 52 years old and live in a small town with two churches within walking distance of my house.  It is funny to think that I am writing mafia/erotica stories that close to them, of course they have no clue.












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