Thank You


Thank You


I just wanted to write a thank to all our authors, fans and promotional companies for your support.

Just before Christmas one of my Facebook friends posted wanting help with their blog. I responded to her wanting more information She explained that she writes review for authors of  both fan fiction and published authors and that she basically posts something every day. I thought of my god can I do this., I had just started my journey in wanting to be a writer and started my very first fan fiction so decided to give this blogging a go it might be a way into a career that I wanted to be in once my studies were complete

Well I started working with Maggie learning my way around how to do the blogging and started reading my very first book, once completed I wrote my first review and found that I loved what I was doing and wanted more.

Very quickly we redesigned the blog, set up all the possible social media we could for the blog to draw in the most attention and audience for the blog and our authors.

Very quickly we found ourselves having authors loving our work and wanting us to read more of their work. No matter the genre or style of writing I was always honest but found a positive way to write the reviews believing that authors put their all into their writing and deserve the recognition for their work and their love.

We now have many authors across the different genres that return to us to read their works, we read series, stand alone and fan fiction. But we also work closely with a few promotional companies to participate in book tours.


So, I would firstly like to thank my dear friend and co blogger for bring me into this new world of blogging, for supporting me and encouraging me each step of the way and especially for trusting me with her blog. Over the course of a few months working together we have been able to create some wonderful documents and tools to help us manage the increase work load that we have found ourselves in and to also find new ways to appear professional while at the same time being different from other bloggers

Secondly, I want to thank all our authors that trust us to write reviews for them, without them we would not have this job to do. Every book I have read I have loved and we have had authors that are just starting out to well published authors that have best sellers in their genre

Lastly I would like to thank all out promotional companies, editors, PA’s and anyone else I have missed because without your tireless work in making things as easy as possible and streamlined our job would be much hard.


So one final note again thank you to everyone for your support and trust in us, but especially to Maggie for taking a chance with me, I have loved every minute of it, for taking on board and loving each and every idea I have come up with

Thank you card


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