BOOK REVIEW: Blood and Sacrifice, Book 2 of the Blood Ties Series By Jessica Gibson


What caught my attention to this book and then the series was the amazing banner for it. Just seeing it, I knew I wanted to read the book, but to read this book meant I needed to read the first one to understand what was happening and I must say I was not disappointed.

This book is set a year after Bronwyn leaves with Ronan having made her decision that she can’t live without him anymore. Ronan has declared his eternal love for Bronwyn and has also taken over as king for hit deceased Sire’s territories and children. While at the same time Rider appears to have gone off the rails causing massacre after massacre in a bit to get the attention of Bronwyn. This time Bronwyn admits to allowing her inner vampire role and loves the hunt of not just the evilest of humans but also the innocent. While Ronan sticks to what he knows best and hunts whatever he wants.

Ronan treats Bronwyn as his queen and expects nothing less from his subjects and will kill who ever does not treat Bronwyn as he expects them to. Bronwyn struggles to deal with Ronan wealth but does adjust to live with him again quickly.

Rider appears to have gone off the deep end killing anyone and everyone but there is a secret that he is hiding and has been for fifteen years from Bronwyn, other than him being in love with Bronwyn and believing that they should be together he is obsessed with her, but is there more to this story. You will only know the truth by reading the book

This novel again has so many twist and turns to it, you don’t really know who is behind all the problems that Bronwyn, Ronan and Rider face till the very end. Which is something I just love about this book, it keeps you guessing till the very end.

Again, the author has a good structure and planed out story line that follows the previous novel. There are more appearances of the supporting characters from the first novel and some new ones.

This book flows so well that you just get lost in the vampire universe that is Bronwyn, Ronan and Rider. Each chapter is well written and easily leads into the next. There is enough to keep you interested and at the end you go “I didn’t see that one coming”.

I suggest if you haven’t read this series then do it quickly you won’t be disappointed



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BOOK REVIEW: Love and Blood, Book 1 of the Blood Ties Series By Jessica Gibson

I am a lover of anything vampires and I can say I was given this books so that I would understand what was happening in the second book in the series so that I could write a review, well I have decided to review both book.

This first book set the story plot line of a love triangle that transcends over decades. Bronwyn is a young woman that enters a seedy pub looking for something different and she finds just that. She meets Ronan who instantly meets in on her and sweeps her away. Bronwyn is instantly attracted to him and willing to go with him, what she doesn’t know is he is a vampire. He sweeps her off her feet and instead of feasting on just her blood he turns here into a vampire so that he can keep her with him for all of eternity.

Five years later Bronwyn is restless and wanting the one thing from Ronan that he just won’t give her and that is his love. She can handle his lust for blood and the need for her to have bodyguards where ever she goes but she has the need to escape. Along comes Rider who offers her an escape and she takes it. Leaving Ronan and their life together, though she still loves Ronan she needs more and finds that with Rider.

Fifteen years later Ronan decided he can’t live without Bronwyn anymore and seeks her out, determined to win her back at whatever the cost. Though Bronwyn now has Rider and loves him it is not enough Ronan still has her heart and as much as she tries to fight it in the end Ronan wins and claims her heart once again.

This novel well sets up the series for the reader to except twist and turns at every corner.  There are all kinds of supernatural creatures in these stories and they all work together for the greater good. Many wanting to stop the mayhem Ronan has caused or at least everyone believes it is him.

Bronwyn in the first book finds herself and what she believes she wants to be. The author has written her as trying to hang onto her humanity instead of living the life of a true vampire and you experience along with Bronwyn the struggles she must face in being who she believes she wants to be and who she is. And Just maybe they are the same thing and she doesn’t realise it just yet.

Rider plays the part of the good boyfriend to Bronwyn being her conscience in all things vampire. He is also territorial and does not like that Ronan is back. His character is well developed and writer to have the readers believe that he is the right person for Bronwyn. But looks can be deceiving.

Then we have Ronan, he never pretends to be anything that he is not. The author has written him as a true vampire, with strong convictions about how a vampire should live their life, but he does realize that though he is no longer human and human emotions are not required, he does love his Bronwyn.

The love triangle between these three is complex and well written. The author clearly has a passion for writing supernatural romance and writing strong determined male leads, with a strong independent female lead characters..

The book is fast paces but does not make your head spin, there is always something happening but there is at no time does the reader feel overwhelmed by all the information given in the story. Even the supporting characters in this novel play major parts in how the story is developed. The back stories for each character are detailed enough to make the reader feel swept away into this magical world of the supernatural and mystery.

Anyone that is a lover like me of vampires and romance I strongly recommend this series




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