What can I say about this story except it is one of the best well written Mafia Twilight Fan Fictions stories ever. It is so popular among fans of twilight fan fiction that it has been voted in Facebooks groups dedicated to Mafiawards as one of the best. It has been used for read along and requested by many of the fan fictions members of the Mafiward group.

Bella is 17 years old and moved to Forks to live with her Chief of Forks Police dad after her mother remarries a man younger than her mother and a real asshole. Bella is a good girl following all the rules and has a best friend Jacob deputy of Forks police and fake boyfriend Mike Newtown until one night she meets the Cullen clan and especially Edward who everyone calls him E or Cullen, he will kill or cause serious harm to anyone other than his mother that called him Edward.

Their meeting starts a roller coaster romance and drags Bella willingly into the life of crime and the Mafia Family the Cullens, who are the top mafia family on the West Coast. Head of the family is Marcus, second in command is Alec and then Edward when he turns eighteen.

This author has created the perfect Mafiaward in Edward he is strong and violent to anyone and everyone that crosses his path, he has trouble following most orders given but has no problem in killing anyone and everyone that gets in his way especially Jacob.

Bella is so believable as a character of a young woman whose life is turned upside down simply because she got into a car with complete strangers one night. In the beginning, she panics at everything that happens but she soon learns how to be part of the Cullen family and what that means. Bella becomes this supper strong character and leading lady to her mafia prince Edward.

Together they are unstoppable.

The chapters in this story are the right length and each chapter is detailed enough to not only flow well as a story but also gives the reader a clear desire to want to keep reading. There is just the right balance of love, romance, action and violence without it being over the top.

Woman that read this story want to be Bella for the shear fact of how hot Edward is written, the desire to want to be close to him. The protectiveness of Edward for his princess he always treats her like that a princess nothing is too much for her he even offers to build her a castle if she wants it. There is nothing that Bella could ask for that this Edward would not give her. There are even times in the story where you see real emotions from Edward where he is crying

Men want to be Edward so they can have a smoking hot Bella on their arms just like Edward. This Bella is a high school student whose life is turned upside down while at the same time she finds the love of her life and she knows no matter what she will never hate him or walk away from him. This is what men deep down want in their woman.

If you love twilight fan fiction, wanting strong characters and love story with a whole lot of mafia thrown in then I suggest you read this. I thank the Author of this story whole heartily for writing this amazing piece of work and hope that someone out there can share this with her so she knows that her work is still loved by her fans. I have read this story many times and will continue to be one of my go to mafiaward stories for years to come

Fans are just lucky the author has never pulled this story.


This is a true love story of these from different places can make it work


Fan Fiction




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