Spotlight for Behind The Door by A. Gavazzoni

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Book Title: Behind The Door
Author Name: A. Gavazzoni
Genre: Erotica/Thriller/Romance
Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours



When Lara dies at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer during a sex game, his defense attorney, Carl, hires Simone, a psychiatrist, professor and author of books on sexual behavior to help him buttress his argument that Lara’s death was accidental. To help his defense, Carl’s client has written a detailed account of his steamy, year-long relationship with Lara. Carl gives the text to Simone for analysis. While evaluating the presumed killer’s writing, Simone continues to receive psychiatric patients with sexual disorders and unusual fantasies, and to research strange sexual behavior for her next book. Meanwhile, Simone’s clinical partner, friend and research colleague, Edward, is working with the police to capture a serial killer who is torturing and killing women. From hot and unusual sex and interesting psychiatric patients, to the swing houses of New York and Paris, this fast-paced page-turner is a blend of mystery, suspense, humor, romance and erotica.


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Author Bio:
A. Gavazzoni the Brazilian author of the newly released novel “Behind The Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 1) a sexy sensual romance now available through…

She is a lawyer by day and former professor of law; she writes (novels and legal books), but she is also a voracious reader and a writer by night and currently has a law book about international contracts published in Brazil.

She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, she also studies Chinese and hopes someday she will master it (but it’s been a challenge!).

Her favorite countries, no surprise, are Italy, France, and the USA. When she is not practicing law, she enjoys many interests and is a very active person. She loves to dance (Tango) and workout.

She loves to travel, loves good wine, and has been studying astrology for fifteen years. She paints and loves to cook.

She has two poodles -Gaia and Juno -and loves all animals. She is an aunt of four nieces who enjoy to paint and cook alongside their aunt. She lives in Brazil and is in the process of writing her next novel.

She invites readers to visit her website/blog anytime for updates of upcoming books and events.

Visit her at:


Book Trailer for Behind The Door
Created By Ultimate Fantasy Books


What, in your opinion, are the essential qualities of a good story?

Recently I gave an interview and that was one of the questions with a difficult answer…I started to think the way I write and specially the way I wrote Behind The Door to try to answer to it. I started Behind The Door to be a romance, of course I knew the complete main line of the story involving Mark and Lara, Simone and Carl, but suddenly I decided to add some pepper to Lara’s story, why not show to the reader her behavior instead of just mentioning it?  and the book got an erotic content… Some pepper is always a good component to a great story.

I decided Simone should continue her life while analyzing Mark’s journal…and many characters happened in the form of her patients, like Philip and Alvin.

I thought Simone needed a good male friend, the kind you can trust and that will be there for you no matter what, Edward was really inspired in adorable male friends I had during my life and I think a good story must have friendship.

I was almost happy with my story, I had mystery, passion, friendship and sex, but as I said, I was almost happy, not entirely.

Something was missing! One day I was watching “criminal minds” and I love that series, because it has so many surprises and twists and I thought: That’s that! My novel can’t be predictable!

I went back to the first chapter and start to add small pieces and clues to lead to a more mysterious plot, I added a psycho – no – the psycho I hadn’t planned from the beginning – I decided one of my characters must be a killer and suddenly the novel was all about ”who is killing and why.  And I had to turn every character in to a suspect in order to preserve the mystery and the surprises…to be truth…I had doubts who was going to be the killer…

So, in my opinion, the essential qualities for a good story are: mystery and surprises. The reader must be surprised and the author must let his mind surprise himself, we can’t be afraid of our own imagination and give it free rains to reign while writing, to change the road of the story.

Once again, never think about what other people are going to think about your writing, write to yourself, find your own ideia of what can make a great story and write, and dear readers, what I’m writing here is exactly my opinion, but as the title says, you have to ask to yourself, what in your opinion are the essential qualities of a good story.



Interview with A. Gavazzoni


For the record, please state your name.

Adriana Gavazzoni, a very Italian name.


What inspired you to become a writer?

I’m a voracious reader; I believe my love for books inspired me to write.


What are your hobbies?

I love to cook, I love to dance and work out daily. I paint (not well, but I still do it), and I’m an amateur astrologer.


What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about everything. I don’t understand the concept of warm; I do everything with passion, or I don’t do it at all. I’m most passionate about writing.


What interests are you into?

I’m interested in art; I love to learn about painters, and I’m researching Van Gogh’s life right now.


What social media do you use to contact with your fans?

Facebook Author Page Twitter Instagram —I answer all of them!


What is your username on the different social media platforms?

For Facebook, my username is my complete name—Adriana Gavazzoni. For Instagram it is Adri_Gavazzoni, and for Twitter @a_gavazzoni.


What did you do before you became a published author?

I’ve been a lawyer my whole life, since I was twenty-one years old, for the last twenty-seven years, to be exact.


Do you have another job other than writing?

Yes, I’m an attorney.


How long have you been writing for?

Professionally, for three years, but I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid.


What’s your writing style like?

I believe it’s a combination of persuasive style with narrative.


What’s your favorite genre to write/read in, and why?

I’m a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, because I love to be surprised. I love the unpredictable.


What’s your least favorite genre to write/read in and why?

Terror, I really hate to be scared.


Some writers have something playing in the background. Do you, and what?

Sometimes, yes, but I’m very eclectic; it depends on the day, on my mood, and on the scene I want to create.


What’s the inspiration behind your books?

People and the human behavior, the hidden motives behind every act and attitude. I love human psychology, to try to understand the dramas everyone has.


If you could do it all over again, would you change anything about your books?

No, absolutely nothing.


Is there anything you found particularly challenging about writing?

Pacing—not pushing the characters and not advancing too much in the story too quickly.


Who are your cover designers?

I just have one, and she is the best of the best, Kelly Ann Martin, a real artist who can read your mind.


What authors are your inspiration?

So many marvelous writers inspired me…to start with, the classical ones, such as Emily Bronte, Stendhal, Dumas, Saad Marquis, Margaret Mitchell…and modern ones, such as Morris West, Marc Levy, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, John Grisham, and Colleen McCullough…but I could list a hundred here…the poems of Alisson Matos—a Brazilian writer, and poetry from Baudelaire to Allan Poe.


What is your take on fanfiction?

I’ve never thought a lot about it. I just don’t like the idea of someone interfering in the life of one of my characters, but if it’s well written, I suppose it can have its merits, provided it’s not pure plagiarism.


What advice would you give any newbie author or anyone who wants to pick up writing?

Write for yourself; don’t bother with other people’s opinions. Just put your soul in every manuscript you write, and believe you can.


What are your fondest childhood memories?

I have plenty. I grew up in a small town in Brazil, so I had a free childhood, with river bathing, going walking to the school, and playing a lot in the streets with my friends. Those days were very happy for me. My brother and I used to play with a bunch of friends and cousins after school all the time—it was so much fun!


If you don’t mind, tell us a little about your personal life?

I’m forty-eight years old, I’m married, and I have no kids, just dogs. I love to gather friends to cook for them and laugh while we drink a good bottle of wine. I go to sleep early, and I wake up earlier, and I try to lead a life of healthy habits, healthy food, and exercise, and I try to base my life’s actions on the idea of “cause and effect”, so I don’t do to others what I wouldn’t like them doing to me, and I judge very little.


Do you have any causes, charities, foundations that you are passionate about and donate to? if so why?

Yes, I help and donate to a home for abused kids—these children have been removed from their original homes because of some sort of violence or abuse. It’s very sad but very gratifying, and whenever I’m a little bit sad about my life, I go there, and immediately, I count my blessings. All those kids have terrible and sad stories compared to my life. I help them with my donations, but they give me happiness.


How did you get involved?

There is a woman, Maria Elena, she decided to create a place for abused kids, and she convinced me to help her in her project. She is a fighter, and she lives for these children. She showed me the small place she had at the beginning for six kids; it was very poor, but they found so much love with her, I decided to help. Nowadays, a kind businessman built a whole complex for the kids, and we have fifty children. The place is called Santa Elena Children Home as Maria Elena is a very Catholic woman and devout to Santa Elena.


Do you have any pets?

I do! And I love animals. I have two poodles, Gaia and Juno (yes, the Greek goddess) but as I live near a natural reserve, once in a while, monkeys come to the tree near my kitchen window for some bananas, and I consider them family, too.


Some fun questions now


What age were you when you were first kissed?

I was twelve years old.


Who was your high School sweetheart?

Silvio, he was a guy who used to sing and imitate Elvis Presley.


What did you want to be when you were little?

A thousand different things—from an astronaut to a scientist, and then an engineer or an F-1 pilot.


What is your favorite color?



What is your favorite food/s?

I love to try different dishes whenever I can. I especially love spicy food, but I don’t have a favorite dish in the world. There are so many flavors to discover.


What are you afraid of?

Rats, I’m really scared of them.


How old were you when you first got drunk?

Accidentally, I got drunk at the age of three. My parents left me home with my grandmother, and I scaled a liquor cabinet and took a good shot of cognac. It was a disaster—almost an alcoholic coma.


What was your first car?

I had a Volkswagen called Gol (goal).


Did you live in a house or apartment when you were a child?

In a house, with a garden and a lot of earth to get dirty.


What was your favorite T.V. show as a child?

I loved cartoons, like Tom and Jerry.


What was your favorite book?

I had one with a collection of fairy tales, I really loved that: Classic Fairy Tales.


Who did you have a crush on when you were in school and how old were you?

I had a crush to Hermes, the mayor’s son, and we promised each other we should marry when we grew older. We were both four.


Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about?

I’m a very friendly and open person, I love a good laugh, and I try not to judge people. I’m very understanding.


Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.

My personal e-mail is the best way to reach me

My work can be found at around the world.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us!!! We also need a picture for the interview. It could be of anything or anyone you want!



Behind the Door

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book for others who enjoy a good thriller, and obviously don’t mind some rather unconventional sex. KLBradley

Behind the Door is a magnificent and disturbing tale that takes us to places beyond the boundaries of imagination.  It throws us into the seductive arms of a world that most of us would never have the guts to visit.  The story is gripping and the characters are real, with such depth, that I believe just about anyone would relate to them.   The story is evocative, tragic, profoundly immoral and wickedly enticing.  It grips you, holds you down and sets your mind on fire.  Decency aside, it does not allow you to judge as it grabs your mind, twisting it in a thousand directions, as you try to comprehend the complexity and gravity of the tale.  It is heart breaking, thought provoking, cleverly weaved and intelligently written.  The pace is fast enough to keep you interested, but not too fast that you get lost as it carries you along on suggestive rapids, that come and go, between serious feelings and complicated relationships.  A brilliant first Novel.  I am so impressed and I absolutely loved it!  In short, it is an sensual meander in the hands of a pro.  Well Done!” 

~South African Author Angela Shearer – author of The Scarlet Code and Mad Mischief.

“Dark, intelligent and sexy are the three words that spring readily to mind when describing Behind The Door. I rarely venture into this genre but when I have I have been surprised at how the quality of writing varies. This was at the top end of the spectrum. Good writing and great plot that really draws you into the story line. It also plays to what I suspect are a lot of fantasies! Too may spoilers on here already but definitely a very enjoyable novel.” ~D Brent

“Women are terrific crime writers. It is a tradition. I could mention a few, but one name is perhaps above all: Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie.
Doctor A. Gavazzoni, who is a lawyer, wrote her first crime book. Her readers and I do hope that she will have time and imagination to write many others that will follow Behind the Door.

Let’s hope her practicing law permits. I am sure she has plenty imagination. Paraphrasing an old song, I may say that her imagination makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey.

She had an excellent beginning. Her readers are already hungry for more Ms A. Gavazzoni’s honey. She will think of it.” ~Pedro Bretas





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