Romance Between the Pages’ Weekly Podcast Interview – March 31, 2017

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann's new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through the spring. No question is out of bounds. Check it out! THIS WEEK'S BEST SELLING AUTHOR... MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times & USA Today... Continue Reading →


BLOG TOUR: Souls Discovered by Miranda Brock

Blog Tour ~ Souls Discovered Author: Miranda Brock Genre: Fantasy/Romance Tour Dates: 27th-31st of March Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours Blurb: Spin away with young Autumn as she finds a seemingly innocuous gold necklace on her family’s farm and inadvertently uncovers her destiny as “The Keeper.” Autumn’s discovery of the necklace activates “The Window”... Continue Reading →


TITLE: Souls Discovered (The Keeper's Way, #1) AUTHOR: Miranda Brock Miranda Brock has a way with her words that hook you from the beginning and keep you reading until the very last word. Souls Discovered was no different. This book had me hooked and by the end I wanted more! I loved how you got to see... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER BLAST: Saving Grace by Aubrey Wynne

SAVING GRACE Part of the Enchanted Keepsakes series by Aubrey Wynne Genre: Supernatural Romantic Suspense Publisher: Sexy Scribblers The ghost of the Pungo Witch meets a shattered heart. Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach's local historian, has his eyes on the mysterious new woman in town. When she enters his office, he is struck by her haunting... Continue Reading →

RELEASE TOUR: Abbey’s Search for Sanctuary by Eris Field

ABBEY'S SEARCH FOR SANCTUARY Destiny: Choice or Chance, book 1 by Eris Field Genre: Contemporary International Romance Abbey’s Search for Sanctuary, Stand-alone Book One of Destiny: Choice or Chance Trilogy. A riveting story of violence against women including baby girls and those who fight to protect them. Turkish-American nurse Abbey shelters her younger sister after... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR: Reborn by Jane Ederlyn

Blog Tour ~ Reborn Author: Jane Ederlyn Genre: Paranormal/Romance Tour Dates: 27th-31st of March Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours Blurb: Marie Josette d’Orgemont, cousin to Louis XVI, watched in horror as a rogue creature took her husband’s life before turning on her. A powerful vampire swept in and spared her life, but she never... Continue Reading →

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Hiding Till Dawn by E.M. Rinaldi

Title: Hiding till Dawn Author: E.M. Rinaldi Genre: YA Paranormal Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Destiny is unrelenting. It will come for you, and when it does there is no escaping it; something Casey knows firsthand. On the run from the dean... Continue Reading →

RELEASE LAUNCH: Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels

      From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a new second chance standalone romance. I spent twenty years waiting for Trent Hennington to open his eyes and see me. But it was all for nothing. He chose to keep himself guarded and let me walk away, proving that my time and efforts... Continue Reading →

RELEASE TOUR: Tender Echoes by Reily Garrett

TENDER ECHOES A Dark Prequel to Digital Velocity (The McAllister Justice Series Book 1) by Reily Garrett Genre: Suspense/Thriller Theft of spirit is no one’s birthright. A quirk of her X chromosome furnished Alexis with an edge few others enjoyed. After fate plunged her into orphan status and an intolerable foster home forced her to... Continue Reading →

PROMO BOOST: A Risky Dance Series by Monika Summerville

A RISKY DANCE SERIES by Monika Summerville Genre: Erotic Romance [Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, HEA] Riley Frost is an attorney. He played in the BDSM community as a Dom and liked to be in control. He'd never found a woman with a sense of adventure and passion, until one night when... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Hunted #2 by Aoife Marie Sheridan

Cover Reveal ~Hunted #2 Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan Genre: Paranormal Date: 26th of March Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours Blurb: Hunted (Part two of the demon series) "Evil has awoken..." Abigail finds herself in Hades, and it isn't long until things start to go from bad to worse. Cathy nearly dies, and Abigail is... Continue Reading →

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer

Blitz~ Darkstorm Author: M.L. Spencer Genre: Dark Fantasy Dates: 24th of March Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours Blurb: Faced with an imminent cataclysm that will destroy the magical heritage of their people, a conspiracy of darkmages resolves to open the gateway to Hell. The only mages who stand a chance of opposing them are... Continue Reading →

BLITZ AND GIVEAWAY: A Way Back Into Love by Veronica Thatcher

Title: A Way Back into Love Author: Veronica Thatcher Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Notion Press Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes, uncertain. People, irrational. But love…well, that makes everything complicated. And when you are caught in a tangled web of secrets, lies, and complex affairs, someone... Continue Reading →

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Retribution (The After Light Saga, #5) by Cameo Renae

Title: Retribution (The After Light Saga, #5) Author: Cameo Renae Genre: YA Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Publisher: CHBB Cover Designer: Stephanie Hobbs of Steph's Cover Design Edited by: Victoria Schmitz - Crimson Tide Editorial Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: War is coming between humans and Arvies, leaving me trapped between two enemies. This time, I don’t think I’ll survive. The... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Crossing The Line by Kimberly Kincaid

CROSSING THE LINE Cross Creek Series, book 2 by Kimberly Kincaid Genre: Contemporary Romance Cocky farmer Eli Cross plays twice as hard as he works. When his latest stunt drums up a heap of negative PR for the family farm, he grudgingly agrees to play host to an ambitious New York City photographer. Her feature... Continue Reading →

Romance Between the Pages Podcast Presents Michelle M. Pillow

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann's new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through the spring. No question is out of bounds. Check it out! THIS WEEK'S BEST SELLING AUTHOR... Michelle M. Pillow! New York Times (#8) & USA Today Bestselling Author Author of... Continue Reading →

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Bobbins and Boots by Shanna Hatfield

Title: Bobbins and Boots Author: Shanna Hatfield Genre: Western, Historical Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: How does an act of kindness result in… marriage? Born dirt-poor into a life of hardship, Allie Tillman seizes the opportunity to better her situation by answering an advertisement for a mail-order bride in the West. Upon her... Continue Reading →

PROMO TOUR: The Kronicles of Korthlundia by Jamie Marchant

THE KRONICLES OF KORTHLUNDIA series Books 1-3 by Jamie Marchant Genre: Epic Fantasy The crown princess Samantha fears she’s mad; no one but she sees colors glowing around people. The peasant Robrek Angusstamm believes he’s a demon; animals speak to him, and his healing powers far outstrip those of his village’s priests. Despite their fears,... Continue Reading →


TITLE: Extra Credit AUTHOR: Poppy Dunne I loved this book. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I loved how well the two main characters matched up, even though they were so different. I hated that she was so insecure but loved how she made it work anyway. I loved how she treated his daughter... Continue Reading →

FREEBIE BOOK BLITZ: The Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles) by Elizabeth Loraine

Title: Katrina: The Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles) Author: Elizabeth Loraine   Genre: YA Romance   Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR Blurb: As a vampire being hunted was nothing new, having to protect those hunting her was. Royal Blood Chronicles tells the story of Katrina from the age of seventeen, when she's chosen to be... Continue Reading →

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