Book Review: Pleasure Me Box Sex by various authors


Overall Review:

This box set is well worth reading, some stories are a quick read during your lunch break (if you don’t mind getting hot and steamy !!!) or for a relaxing time at home. I found each story to be well written and the characters and story lines believable. Some touched my heart more than others and some well I will let you use your over sexual mind take you to places you can imagine I went. This series of stories is damn hot !!!!


Book 1: The Food Critic by R.E. Hargrave

Serena Peters is a food critic for a popular magazine, spending all her time travelling around the world looking for that perfect combination that sends all her senses wild with excitement, she has everything she could possibly want except love and companionship. In walks Chef Stuart Wellings. Do sparks fly and the senses Serena wants stimulated go wild and her whole body is set on fire. Once her job is complete she feels lost without Stuart what will she do?.

The scenes in this book are hot and some of the thinks Chef Stuart can do with food OMG I never would have thought to use food in such a way. The book is a good lunch break read if you don’t mind being frustrated for the rest of the day. I might just suggest Don’t try at home some of Stuarts Ideas for food unless you want a mess.

The author catches the reader’s attention, it is both funny and romantic at the same time with a touch of kinky in there…… just think of what you can do with a rolling pin


Book 2: Mile High By M.B. Feeney

Taryn Caine is an airline assistant for a private jet company and is hired by Blazed band and lead vocalist Max Reeves. Max has made a bet with his band buddies that she can get Taryn to  reach the mile high club with hi,. Even though Taryn knows this is breaking all the rules but she agrees on the condition that she gets half the money.

This story has one of the hottest girl on girl action scenes I have read. This is a quick read kind of story, though I would not suggest it during lunch break or on a crowded train because you will only get yourself worked up and frustrated


Book 3: Revenge by E.M Denning

Summer has found her boyfriend Mitch cheating on her at the end of the College year after their break up she is returning his belongs she runs into his roommate Hunter who has always been cocky and arrogant around her. Hunter and Summer end up spending the night together to only find out the next day that Hunter is Summer’s new step Brother.

They quickly find they have a strong attraction to each other and spend the Summer holidays together. Only for Summer to discover a little surprise and Mitch decides to get revenge on the couple before Summer can tell Hunter about her news, causing the couple to split. But will there be a happy ending

This is a college love story with erotica, you get immersed in the world of Summer and Hunter and despise Mitch for the horrible person he is and wonder how Summer could ever had been with him. There is a happy ending for the couple though. This author also tries to show the emotions of the couple as you go through the journey of their summer with them


Book 4: Bind Me By Rene Folsom

Chaz is a dominant and a popular artist, Lilly has been his roommate for a month. Lilly accidently see’s Chaz dominating another woman and wants to experience that with her hot roommate. Chaz aware of Lilly’s attraction sets the scene at one of his shows and it gets hot and steamy as Chaz welcomes Lilly into his world

This is a short story with a very hot kinky scene, it is well written and strike a cord in all those pleasure spots you might have


Book 5: Erotic Liaison by Xaviera Snow

Xaviera is employed by Diplomate Thomas Gunnar to be his personal assistant and to be available to attend to his needs any time of the day or night. Thomas take her on a ride of her life, pushing her boundaries to her limits and beyond. But the house has a secret something Thomas does not tell her about and she discovers it on her own and helps another reach levels of intimacy and please they both did not except to experience.

Xaviera did not expect this turn of events to happen and cannot stay in the house any longer and deceive those that live there.

The author has written this story well to the point you question what really is real and what isn’t as you read along you are able to piece together and work out the facts.


Book 6: Steep Emotions by TJ Chapman

Hayleigh has been hired to take part in a music video with Jason Murdoach, Jason explains to Hayleigh his music and vision for the video and it is not what the director wants, who finally is replaces and the hot steamy video of Jasoon’s song is created.

The scenes in this book are not only erotic but also steamy and sensual. The author has created a love story and its not all about sex, it looks at the challenges faced while trying to date a celebrity.


Book 7: No Reservations by R.E. Hargrave

Selena  and Dakota are a happily married couple trying desperately to have a baby and nothing is working. Selena gets a call from her college best friend Trinity who offers Selena and Dakota a free weekend away at the property.

When Selena and Dakota get there they find out the real reason for Trinity’s call and offer. Trinity and her husband Joey would like a dirty weekend with the couple, a sex free for all and boy anything can happen that your mind can imagine with the exception on boy on boy action nothing is held back with these two couple. its threesome, foursome, double hole penetration everything.

I love this authors work and have especially enjoyed this story, I am sure I needed to let off some steam and release the pressure a few times while reading this.

R.E Hargrave can write some very explicitly hot scenes without them turning into porn fiction, which this comes close to but does not cross that barrier. The author has an amazing talent for showing what real couples can get up to, she not only shows the openness of how much fun sex can be when you free yourself but also she deals with the emotions of each member of the group when facing different scenarios. and how each couple faces their issues and insecurities


Book 8: New Trick Plan A by Ella Medler

Emma decides that after over twenty years of marriage she needs to do something to strengthen the relationship between herself and her husband Johnathan, She devices a list of 4 plans and discuesses them with Johnathan but only covers plan A, Johnathan finds the list and see’s that Plan C is for the couple to separate and there is no way Johnathan is going to let that happen, he loves his wife too much to let her go. Johnathan tries everything on Emma’s plan A and soon the couple realise that the passion in their relationship has not died it just needed a boost in the right direction

The author has looked at an older couple and the comedy in this at how Johnathan deals with things like his manhood  being emancipated because of a body waxing. Not only is this hot and steamy but Johnathan is a true romantic

Being older myself I loved this story and it gave me ideas.


Book 9: Poly Amore By Desiree A. Cox

Sara joins Patty and Zander in a special type of relationship. This is a love triangle with a twist, they all love each other and all have sex together. Zander and Patty own a sex club just outside of town.

Sara sees Zanader in her local pub and finds out he is friends with the pub owner, later Sara is invited to a party where she meets Patty and Zaander officially and takes a real liking to Patty and is crazy about Zanader.

Patty and Zander approach Sara about joining them in a three way relationship which after being with both of them she quickly falls for them both, in comes Kenny who also lives the lifestyle and they all become a foursome.

I found this book to be both sexy and entertaining, the author did not just concentrate on the sexual side of the relationship or just Sara’s thoughts and feeling abut looked at everyone. The  relationship triangle  had to deal with simple emotions of jealousy and insecurities while at the same time keeping true to their relationship. It simply was not going to work if one was unhappy.

But when you look deeper to what the author is trying to convey it looks at everyday issues that arise in relationships and how as couples we deal with them, how we face our insecurities, lack of trust and the need for communication with all parties involved whether its two people or four. That with the right balance a relationship can work no matter how many are involved. I really liked this approach in this book


Book 10: The Virgin by TJ Chapman

Xavier is a man of many unique talents for helping others find pleasure. In walks Victoria’s mother with a job offer for Xavier that he must refuse, that is to deflower her daughter before her wedding day. But there is more to this interesting tale.

Victoria shows up at Xavier’s office a few days later pleading her case to hire him to deflower  her before her wedding. Xavier quickly realities that its not just Victoria wanting to loose her virginity she has never experienced life at her young age. Xavier agrees to spend a week with Victoria but still refuses to deflower her. During the week Xavier’s limits are tested but will he break his one rule?

TJ Chapman has created a believable, where I am sure there are many virgins needing help too loose their virginity. The language in this story is easy enough and not too smutty to make you think its porn. It is descriptive in a way to create clear visuals of what the Author’s vision is for the book. This Author leaves you with a sense of a happy ending and everything though not sorted is complete


Book 11: Someone For Me by S. Raven Storm

This story is great. I loved the chemistry between Logan and Skye. I love how this story has a Native American feel with the spiritual visions. I also love how Logan was not into wanting to be in a relationship until he met Skye and then all bets were off. I really liked how they both have this great connection but Logan has a secret he is not so willing to tell. I love how everything turned out  great for Skye’s job all because of Logan and how she struggled with her past issues on whether to give Logan a chance after his mistakes and lies. I love how everything works out in the end because you can tell the love Logan and Skye shared. This author is amazing and has wonderful ways with her words, they draw you in and have you hooked from the beginning!


Book 12: Sexual Chemistry by Izzy Szyn

I loved this story. The attraction was so strong I felt it coming off the screen. I loved how Sam and Jackie rigged the elevator to stop just so they could seduce Chelsea. I loved how Chelsea’s grandmother told her to go for it because she was once a groupie herself back in the day. I think the best part of the story was when Chelsea’s parents told her that she needed to come home while Jackie and Sam live in her complex and try to set her up on a date. I also loved how Jackie and Sam showed up and Chelsea kissed both of them in front of her parents. I love this author and would love to read more of her stuff!!!


Book 13: Deep In You by David S. Scott

Alexander also known as Xander is a world famous Olympic gymnast and playboy till he meets Lily Campbell. Xander has no intentions of changing his free living playboy ways until the next morning after having incredible sex with Lily and realizing they had been both drugged with a date rape drug, Xander finds Lily annoying until he takes her home and spend the afternoon where he can’t get her off his mind.

The Author has not just written a love story with some pretty hot scenes but has also tried to bring to the audience the awareness of how easy a date rape drug can get into a person or persons system. Which even though is not what the story is about I feel the author is trying to make a very strong valued point her about how to be single and play it safe when out at clubs.

Back to the review, right the author has allowed for character development throughout the story, showing many facets of the lead  characters personalities and insecurities while adding a scene of humor to the story. it is not all about sex but there is the living out of fantasies while at the same time in a natural progression the charterers moving towards a relationship together


Book 14: Alpha Tango by E.M Denning

I really enjoyed this story. It shows that anyone can learn to do something that they have never done or can’t do. I loved how Kevin did the dance lessons to please his sister and to make sure her big day was great. I really enjoyed how this was like a love at first sight kind of story and how you could feel the connection between Ginger and Kevin from the beginning. I love this author and would love to read more of her stuff!


Book 15: Tangling With Tania by Suzy Stewart Dubot

I loved this story, it was amazing. You could feel the chemistry between the two main characters. I loved how Owen pretended to have sex to get back at his neighbor for complaining about him making noise and having trash in his yard. It was even more funny that Tania did the same thing just to get back at Owen. I loved the ending because they both put things aside and started over and ended up getting married and combining their house to make one big one. I would love to read more from this author, her words are addicting!


Book 16: Adventurous by Rene Folsom

I loved this short story because it shows that no matter how long you have been together or how you got together that it can last and still be strong. I love how Cari was playing with her husband Josh and ends up getting more than she bargained for in the back of their truck. This was another amazing author and I would love to read more of her work!


Book 17: Trail Run by Ella Medler

I loved this story. I loved how Rob could not understand his feelings for Amelie and how Rob and Jason came up with a plan to make Amelie grow up which worked out and hurt her all at the same time. I loved how Rob sobered Jason up and they searched for Amelie and how Rob had to think like her to find her. I loved the way that Rob proposed to Amelie and apologized all at the same time. The best part of the story was Rob’s reaction to finding out he was having triplets and how he interviewed people half naked with his kids sleeping on his chest. I would read anything this author has out. I loved her work!


Book 18: Fire Lust by R.E. Hargrave

I loved this story and how much love Cody and Heather had for each other. It was really hot when Cody, Heather, and Suzanne were together. I loved the fact that Cody and Heather both fell in love with Suzanne. The whole experience was spiritual and the way the author has written this book just drew me in, it’s addicting. I loved how Suzanne healed Cody with her tears and the fact that Heather felt that Suzanne was still alive and was grateful that she gave Cody and her the time to wait till she came back. I would read anything that this author has put out, she just has a very addicting way with words!


Book 19: Unwanted Protection by TJ Chapman

I loved how Lacey was really bitchy and how that was a major turn on for Kian. I loved the connection between Kian, Alex, and Lacey and how they all came to love each other. I loved how they stayed together and had kids even though the first one was not planned and decided to not get married, either. Not everyone gets married just because they get pregnant. I also loved how Lacey and Alex changed their last names to Kian’s to symbolize their togetherness. This was and is an amazing story and I would read more by this author.


Book 20: Involving Innocence by Suzy Stewart Dubot

The beginning was slow but I loved it. I loved how Nathaniel was first using innocence to gain access to the ten but come to find out he was gonna be a burden in his own right. I liked how Innocence thought that sex was gonna be horrible because how her wedding night went due to Nathaniel drinking too much. I also loved the all out passion that they had for each other. This was a great story and I’d love to read more from this author.


Book 21: My Darling Dolly by Kendra Hale

This is a unique twist on a love story. Kendra has created this believable middle aged man Jack Smith who suffered from erectile dysfunction for all of his life due to a cruel nasty woman in his early 20’s humiliating him beyond what any normal person could take.

Jack has lived a sheltered self imposed life where by living a mediocre life has protected him from further pain and hurt. I even tried with the Help on Bonnie to achieve the ultimate pleasure for a male but nothing works.

Deponent Jack gives up but Bonnie is determined to find a way to for Jack to feel the pleasure of a woman without lacking the self esteem and confidence to be with a woman. Bonnie presents Jack with a way and it blows his mind and causes a keep life changing event for Jack that everyone notices the changes, his life improves in all areas

Kendra really has created an amazing tale with a twist, I just loved it, it wasn’t just a love story of boy meets girl. This was a older male who had suffered his whole life, Kendra found a way for Jack to find love without the humiliations he had experienced and was afraid of. Loved it.

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~Bronwyn and Amber


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