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Following what was literally the day from Hell, Jade decides a night out with a couple of girlfriends is exactly what she needs to put it all behind her. A chance encounter at the bar, though, would change the direction of her life for as long as he allowed her to live it.

There was nothing about him that screamed ‘stay away’. No red flags that warned everyone around him to keep their distance. His deep blue eyes were calming, his smile contagious, and his voice to die for. From across the bar, Jade had no idea that by responding to his call, she would find herself in the sights of something that defined the term ‘dangerous’.

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Our Review of Deception by S.E. Kloos


I loved this story! It caught my attention from the beginning and held it until the very last word.  I was amazed how Jade did body shots off of her friends, trying to turn Blake on but he turned the tables on her. I could feel the chemistry between Jade and Blake coming off the screen. I was amazed how their relationship progressed so quickly. You watch how Jade keeps the fact that she put in her two week notice and got the papers for terminating her lease and putting her storage unit in the name of the twins; never once mentioned any of it to Blake because she was trying to find fault in his offer. I just really enjoyed this fantastic read!!!! If you have not read Deception by S.E. Kloos DO IT!!! You will not regret it!




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