REVIEW: The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

The mystery behind the wedding scene is very fascinating, why was it only the bride and groom to survive the attack of the Black Shards.

The suspense of the missing bodies draws you in even more, you find yourself asking ‘who did this and how did they do it’.

The time jumps give a little difficulty to follow the flow of the story, but makes the story its own.
The King Boehner is a king set on bedding as many women he can. But his first wife is abusing the other wives for her own wants.

Will Ilis and Oboli Lever pull the barrier down that prevents the north from visiting the south vital land that have the warmth to produce food and animals that the north is desperate for.

Will Lil, Miril and Bashinoir find the branch of time to save their people.

The end leaves you asking what happens next.




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