SERIES REVIEW: Ride Me Cowboy Box Set: A Western Romance BY Alycia Taylor (Author), Claire Adams (Author)


The ride me cowboy books are a seductive and captivating series filled with romance and desire. The stories revolve around Lexi, a tough city girl with a troubled past and Mark a gentle and charming cowboy with a tumultuous life.

Sparks fly from the first moment these two meet and their attraction seems sizzling until they realize that they can not act on their desires because their parents are in fact married to one another. Trying to fight their desires and stave off the inevitable these two embark on a series of adventures that both helps them heal and find what they have been searching for all of their lives.

The author’s dance around the taboo subject is fascinating to watch with characters who easily tempt the reader along. The descriptions of the rodeos and the cowboy lifestyle were refreshing and engrossing to read which made it all that much easier to fall in love with our  alluring cowboy. The hardships that they faced and the hurdles they had to pass made it  intriguing for the reader to tag along and cheer for this couple.

Overall the series were interesting to read and if you are looking for some steamy romance I would recommend them for you.







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