BOOK REVIEW: Thor by E.A James


“I received an advance copy of this book for an honest review”

Reading Thor reminded me so much of Star Trek. Captain Kira reminds me of Captain Kirk. She’s a very cocky but confident character and she knows how to command her ship. She takes rather very dangerous risks but somehow, like Kirk, she ends up surviving.


I really love this book and it would be awesome as a movie or TV show!


E.A. James has a wonderful way with words. Her description of her characters, the scenes, the ships, etc. are very well drawn out you could picture it all in your head while reading her words.


Colonel Grimm is a very sketchy character. I don’t trust him.


The Zel’ Dar are creepy creatures!!!


You could feel the adrenaline popping right off the pages.


The prisoner is surprising and Kira is very interesting!


Grimm is a horrible and psychotic person!!!


The author knows how to write her characters and provoking the right emotions at the right time from her readers.


Grimm sounds like a crooked cop!!!


Very unique characters!!!


Glad Kira and Thor were rescued. I was wary with Thor but after that stunt, I’m his!


I was hoping they’d get together and that was hot!


OMG!!! The ending was intense and left you wanting more!!!!!




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