BOOK REVIEW: Beginnings by J A Belfield



Having read the first two books in the series I was unsure what the prequel could be about and was pleasantly surprised to find out that its Sean and Jem’s very first meeting of their very first lives together.

It starts out with Sean having a bit of a reputation of being a player willing to talk to any woman and take what they offer with no consequences for his actions. One day while in the village market Sean catches a scent that is intoxicating to him, it sends both wolf and male desires into overdrive. Sean wants Jem no matter the cost he must know this lovely woman. Jem does not fall for his charms she knows Sean’s reputation.

Jem falls for Sean’s charm but he does not want to bed her, but get to know her (yes he is turned on by her, but there is more to Jem and Sean wants to know it). Quickly Sean and Jem fall in love defying orders from Jem’s mother for Sean to stay away from Jem, Sean’s alpha and brother ordering Sean to stay away from a human, that he can never have.

Without giving too much away the couple find a way to be together.

The first part of the book is in Sean’s point of view which was a nice change as the other two books are in Jem’s point of view. Being in Sean’s view gives you a deeper in sight to the pack of wolves how they operate and their views on humans, how they deal with changes and the introduction of Jem into their lives.

The second half of the book is in Jem’s point of view, how she copes with being the only female in a wolf pack. The fact that in their current life time it is not appropriate for an unwed couple to share a house and bed.

The best part of the book is you have already read about the binding ritual that was performed for Jem and Sean to bind their souls together for eternity. But in this book, you get to visualize the events leading up to the ritual and the ritual itself. All the required preparations that took place, who was in attendance for both the wedding and the binding ritual. It really was a well written section of the book.

It allowed the reader to feel like they were sitting on the edge of the woods watching this magical event taking place for the first time.

As I said at the start I was unsure how a prequel would fit in, but I am glad my uncertainties allowed me to still read the book because I was pleasantly surprised. The writer allows the reader the meet the characters in their very first life time together, showing that nothing has changed, Sean is still protective and arrogant while Jem is still independent and strong willed but will stand by Sean no matter what he is or does.

I strongly Recommend this book and the rest of the Halloway  Pack series





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