BOOK REVIEW: Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine by Jennifer Theriot


For the first time, we at this blog decided to listen to our first audio book and can I say it was the best decision we ever made. As a reviewer, I have read many books and felt many emotions through each book I have read. Listening to an audio book as added a new dimension to reviewing.

I could do other things while listening intently to the story as it unfolded but to have a different voice for each character added a new dimension of enjoyment to the story, listening as the emotions are played out of each character and the humour of the book made it that much more enjoyable.

The story starts with the death of Bonny and the help of her dearly departed friend Dee helping her through to the in-between heaven and hell. Bonny’s main concern about dying is that her husband needs to hide their sex toys from their adult children.

The story travels through Bonny’s journey into her new life but also her not wanting to let go of her past, you learn how she met her husband and what their life/love was like. Being children of Woodstock and how as a couple they didn’t want to live the life of the norm. How they explored many different aspects of their sex life.

Even as a spirit Bonny found a way to still be sexual with her husband and to channel so that she is still with him in spirit.

The story is funny from the start. It has a different take on the word romance as Bonny in spirit form still loves and wants to be with her husband, how they make it work till it is his time to join her.

The author has created an amazing story with comedy and laughter all the way through, the audio aspect just adds to the content created by the author.

I strongly recommend this book, it’s fun, funny, with a twist on romance, if you want to add to the enjoyment get it in audio.






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