BOOK REVIEW: Jess Molly Brown – Moms on Missions (Mommageddon, #1)

TITLE: Moms on Missions (Mommageddon, #1)

AUTHOR: Jess Molly Brown

The book cover for Moms on Missions really peaked my interest but the summary is what kept me reading, it’s very intriguing and draws you in!

The book starts off slow but well planned out. The pace sets up the story for the rest of the book and I loved that!

MOM is an intriguing group! Their organization was formed to get their kids married off without the kids realizing that they were involved. The organization expanded to include the whole town!
Vincent and his mom’s, Diana’s, relationship sounds very real; just like a mother/son relationship should be. With their bickering, mom concerns, and her wanting kids and he doesn’t.
Kyle is an adorable little boy. His dad and mom’s ex is an abusive asshole who needs to rot in prison, not only for abusing her but for laying his hands on Kyle, he’s just a baby.
Author Jess Molly Brown has a way with her words that keep you reading and her characters are well rounded and very intriguing!

I enjoyed the fact that while reading Moms on Missions you get to witness a striving artist build his future. You get to see his struggles, him strive, and him find his way in the world. Vincent finds his love while making his dream of art come to life.

Dani AKA Mary is an intriguing character. Her and Vincent were the MOMs marks for the next marriage.

Mammageddon is a blog set up by Vince and his friend Michael. The things they post on the blog, if you’re not part of the MOM organization, is hilarious!

Poor Vince! He’s always messing things up with Dani. But damn Paul really needs to calm down, did he really need to hit him that hard?? He’s all torn up! Mama Diana to the rescue!

I really enjoyed the fact that the author included sign language in this book with Dani being deaf. She portrayed it beautifully!

Paul turned out to be a really decent guy and thinks Vince is a good man.

The author paints each scene beautifully! You can picture each scene as you read Moms on Missions. It’s so enjoyable!

This book is hysterically, romantic, and sizzling HOT! I urge you to pick up this sizzling read, you won’t regret it!

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