BOOK REVIEW: Rakes In Tartan (Highland Vampires, #5) by Suz DeMello

TITLE: Rakes In Tartan (Highland Vampires, #5)

AUTHOR: Suz DeMello

Rakes in Tartan a new installment in a series of hot vampire romances is a thrilling descent into the forbidden world of the civilized vampires. A paranormal historical romance set in London, at a dangerous time, takes full advantage of the dark atmosphere to create a mysterious backdrop for the story. The language of the text has a rough Scottish tone which if the reader is not familiar with, would make it a bit difficult to follow but it does not take long for the plot to grab your attention and drag you along. A rough BDSM tone to one romance and an innocent tender tone to the other, it seems it has something to offer for all readers. Tor, a dashing Scotsman, seems to be Hilda’s knight in shining armor, coming to her rescue when scandal threatens her ‘coming out ‘ into society. Hilda, an innocent girl who has been unlucky with love before, seems weary of trusting her heart to another again, but eventually, her instincts win out and she gives her heart and soul to her prince charming. In contrast, her mother, who has a unique disposition towards love, seems to find her match in Andrew and the two start a passionate relationship. A gripping romance is interwoven with legends and myths, scorching love scenes, a dark mystery wreathed through the plot and unique characters to remember all make this book a must read.

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