BOOK REVIEW: Fire’s Love (Elemental Series, #1) by Alex E. Carey

TITLE: Fire’s Love (Elemental Series, #1)

AUTHOR: Alex E. Carey

The cover catches your eyes, it’s gorgeous, and makes you want to read the book! Mrs. Bay and her family were kind enough to take Kira in after such a tragedy, not many people do that now a days and I admire their kindness.

What the hell is wrong with Crystal, psycho much? What was with the cabbie’s eyes? Kira’s a genius–literally! She’s sixteen and starting college! That would have been me when I was seventeen if I didn’t have to take a night class for a course I missed.

Lowell and Kira’s little banters are adorable!

Reading Fire’s Love and reading about Kira going to college makes me miss school. I mean I am attending online classes but online classes are so different from physical classes. I miss carrying a backpack with books, notebooks, pens, and feeling those said books in my hands. Nothing is like cracking open those books and smelling the pages. I may be weird but I love the smell of the school books the same with the novels I read. Kindle books are nice but it’s not the same as having the physical books in hand; the joys and feelings I get each time I turn the pages.

Fire’s Love had so many twists and turns that keeps you reading from the first letter to the very last! It’s so fascinating I can’t put it down! What the hell is up with Lowell and the demon book that Kira has? Keep reading to find out 🙂 That was a horrible thing to do to Jo but it was well deserved. That’s no way to treat a person who’s supposed to be your friend!

Talking about deja vu! That’s one gift that would come in handy! Lowell may have a reputation from his past life but he seems to be a kindhearted gentleman! Pyre sounds like an asshat but he seems to be interested in Kira, even though he’s always rude to her.

I was pulling for Lowell/Ulric and Kira getting together but now that I think about it they seem more like brother/sister, not a couple. Pyre and Kira fit better together, but who will she choose? Purchase this book and find out for yourself, you won’t regret it!!! I loved this story with all its surprises, twists, and turns! I’d love to read the next book in this series!!!

~ Maggie

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