TITLE: Souls Discovered (The Keeper’s Way, #1)

AUTHOR: Miranda Brock

Miranda Brock has a way with her words that hook you from the beginning and keep you reading until the very last word. Souls Discovered was no different. This book had me hooked and by the end I wanted more!

I loved how you got to see inside each character’s mind and how they fought to protect or destroy each other.

The way Miranda wrote this book kept you guessing who each person was until they were revealed and it shocked you…at least it did me. The dreams that Autumn (the Keeper) kept having about Jason (Firstsearcher) were strange. In her dreams he was kind at first and then he turned evil. I kept trying to figure out why she would have those dreams over and over and it was frustrating. And you don’t find out why until the end of the book.

Autumn had a surprise shortly after becoming the Keeper; it was a happy surprise. She thought she lost her whole family, but did she?

I was so hoping they’d be together, sad they can’t actually be together like she wants.

I really enjoyed this book and really wish it didn’t end because I want more!

I loved the fact that you could feel every emotion and power the characters have just coming off the screen!

I want more!!!!


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