STORY REVIEW: Derivation By Cupcakeriot


TITLE: Derivation

AUTHOR: By Cupcakeriot

It is not very often that I find a Twilight Fan fiction that I feel is better than the original series but I will eat my words and say that this story is our Twilight should have been written. I truly am a real fan of the original series but this story is so much more powerful in its delivery of each characters lives.

Bella Swan knew she was different from such a young age and kept it hidden from her parents, through touch Bella can read the mind of others. The first time it happens sends her parents into a frenzy of finding out what is wrong with their daughter, test after test Bella realises that she must avoid the touching of others and to keep their thoughts when she does to herself. Bella is also highly intelligent and has skipped grades and starts school as a senior at the age of 15.

Like Twilight Renee marries Phil and Bella decides to live with her father Charlie, she also has a beloved pen pal from Italy, you guessed it Uncle Aro who she feels she can tell anything to and encouraged her love of the written word buy sending her books constantly.

The first day of school disaster strikes and Edward tries to kill Bella for her blood, to try to survive his deathly grip on her neck she touches him and quickly discovers the truth about the Cullen’s and Hales. Edward after the event goes missing from school for a few weeks, Rosalie is guarded as to if their secret is safe while the other Cullen’s and Hales watch closely.

Edwards return is the start of his and Bella’s romance as Edward discovers the only way he can hear Bella’s thoughts is when they are touching. But as always there is danger for Bella and the Cullen’s, there is the appearance of some unknown vampire that is near Bella and from what Edward can tell always has been. The Nomads James, Victoria and Laurent appear and change Bella’s life forever.

Aro’s identity is revealed and what that means her Bella and her ancestry is quickly discovered. Along with what Bella really is, what that means to her and Edward and the rest of the gang.

The story is full of action and drama with all the major and minor players from the Twilight Saga series doing appearances but understand this do not expect them to be the same characteristic’s as they had in the original.
I love how the author had Rosalie have a stronger relationship with Bella than Alice and the relationship between the Volutri guards with Bella especially Jan, Cupcakeriot has kept close to the original character’s characteristic’s but given them her own flair.

I just love this Bella she is strong and independent, while Edward is still possessive he is no where near as controlling. Cupcakeriot has created new mates out of such unlikely pairs. She has not stuck to the traditional girl with boy no we also have boy with boy and are they so perfect together.

Honestly this story is well developed not at any time does the story lag or have any lulls in it. It flows and easily enough to follow what is happening from one chapter to the next. But it does not give too much away all at once. Yes it is the love story about Edward and Bella but it is so much more than that.

It sucks you in from the very beginning you start to question and wonder what Bella really is and who really is uncle Aro that she never met. The once you find out the truth about Bella you travel along with her as she starts to question what this means for her future.

The author does not make you wait long for answers once she has set up the back story and the plot lines, it is just one of those stories you just don’t want to put down.

I am desperately trying to not give too much of the story away because you really should read it. Yes the chapters are long but worth every minute of it and the best part is the outtakes the author has written gives more into the life of the major players in the story and

Who really is behind the creation of the hybrid line………


Story can be found on Fan Fiction website
derivation Story


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