STORY REVIEW: Blood by Cupcakeriot




AUTHOR: by Cupcakeriot


I found from the first page that this was a story I would not be able to put done and I was right, nothing stopped me from reading it. The cooking of dinner had to wait, feeding the cats could wait I just had to keep reading Blood.

It started in the 1700’s Edward is a vampire and come across a young French girl with her dad stranded on the side of the road due to broken wheel on their carriage, with reluctance Edward offer the couple a ride to the News Eve Party. Edward quickly realises that this young French girl with violet  eyes, is his mate and it devastates Edward to watch his mate die in a bombing of his home.

Jump a couple hundred years and Edward notices his heart has started to beat again and he quickly realises his make has been reborn, it takes him nineteen years to find her as he searches the globe for her. He finds Bella at Washington university as a student again with violet eyes and after saving Bella’s life twice he declares to her she is his mate.

See Edward is the prince of the royal family of America and Bella is to be his mate, his princess

Not wanting to give too much of the story away there is a happy ending for Edward and Bella. There is also danger for them both and someone out to kill them in the name of power. All the major twilight players are in the story with different roles.

Cupcakeriot has created a world of vampires closer to the real myths. These vampires cannot go out in the sun without a bloodstone ring or piece of jewellery. Edward plays the part of a vampire prince that is over 500 years old well. Being both protective and possessive of Bella while at the same time being dominant but not too controlling and arrogant who knows at the snap of his fingers or a quick SMS and those that serve him are at his beckon call.

Again, Bella has her own special gift but I am not saying what………

In this story, the mating of vampire (whether born vampires or turned) is not simply having sex and biting each other there is a process, stages that the couple of any love bond must go through and as a human this make vast improvement in Bella with each exchange of blood with Edward.

I found this story very entertaining and loved reading about how the author created her own world of vampires with structured politics and government, laws that they abide by.

There were also ruling classes for each continent which here the ruling royal family working all the way down to different members for each providence.

This story is more believable as a myth of vampires than some other stories written about vampires. Making the story easily to believe that vampires are real and can love a human without killing them.

I just loved the vampire Edward in this story he is protective, possessive and arrogant but portrays what it means to be a royal vampire and how to take care of a hum mate.

If you have not read this story then go and read it you won’t be disappointed. I was only disappointed that the story ended, I am sure there could have been more to Edward and Bella’s story.

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