BOOK REVIEW: Caged BY J.A Belfield


TITLE: CAGED, Book 4 Halloway Pack Series

AUTHOR: J.A Belfield

What can I say except this series just keeps getting better and better. When I first started reading the Halloway Pack Series I had no idea what I was getting into, not the biggest fan of Werewolf ( I prefer vampires) can I just say that J . A Belfield has proven me wrong about all things Werewolf related. At least of this series of Werewolf’s I am a massive fan. With each book as I explore this pack I enjoy it more and more.

Caged is mainly from Ethan’s point of view, how he fits into the pack, how he is protector of his brother Sean and his wife Jem. Ethan wants what Sean has a mate but does not see what is in front of him in the beginning.

From meeting Gabe and Shelly in the earlier books. It is discovered along with other wolfs taken from different pack in the area, other supernatural being are being taken along with humans and one night Gabe is take with his human friend.

This sets the Halloway Pack on a search for Gabe who has been taken by unknown forces and Ethan is especially invested in this mission as he has worked closely with Gabe as his mentor and older big brother or sorts, while at the same time becoming very close friend to Gabe’s mother Shelly.

There is a deadly mystery to be solved by the pack as Ethan and the Hallway Pack are unable to find any traces of how Gabe and his friend were taken, The Pack are unable to locate a scent of any kind and have to do the searching the old fashion way on foot.

As they delve deeper Ethan and Kyle come across vampires who attack them leaving them wounded, instead of Ethan following his dad’s orders of returning home Ethan and Kyle follow a lead which turns deadly and both are taken to an underground compound where they are to be part of a supernatural illegal fight club to the death.

Will Ethan follow the rules and kill his opponent in the cage or will he make a stand while the human watch the fight to the death, only by reading this book will you know the answers to all the questions you are asking.

You ask what happens to our beloved Jem and Sean, again you will have to go out and buy the book I refuse to give spoilers but I will say Sean after fighting to the death gets a shock of his life from his beloved Jem.

Though most of the series focuses on the story of Jem and Sean, I just love the fact that the author has given life to some of the other characters. J. A Belfield has a real talent for writing about Werewolf’s and getting into their minds not just as a human but also in animal form, she really sucks you in and you learn to love or hate even the vilest of creatures within her books.

All through the book you are cheering for Ethan to not only survive but to also find love and his mate. You want to kick his ass when he royally stuffs up and your heart just goes out for him every step of the way. J.A Belfield has created Ethan as the ultimate protector not just of his mate who he doesn’t realise is, to his family and those innocents he meets along the way.

This book is filled with action from the start but delivered in a way that it does not overwhelm the reader and keeps them interested.

As always, the book leaves you wanting more and this one is no exception, I want to read more. I hope the author never ends writing about this series, there is just so many more tales to be told.


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