STORY REVIEW: Gods by Cupcakeriot



AUTHOR: Cupcakeriot

One thing I really like about Cupcakeriots writing is that she doesn’t just write boy meets girl they fall in love, happy ever after. Again, Cupcakeriot did not disappoint to deliver an exceptional story and well research one.

This story is yes you guessed it about Edward, Bella and the whole Scooby gang but this time they are the heirs of all the great gods of ancient Greece. There are trails that each must face and Edward and Bella must prove to the gods that Bella should be heir to Hades.

It starts out a little tragically Bella is in the human world with a gift so powerful she could kill anything with her touch but at the same time she also needs to feed not only on human foods but on the living energy. Bella has never felt loved or like she belongs anywhere in the human world. She meets a strange new girl at school (Alice) who quickly shows her a whole new world and Bella quickly realises this is where she belongs

Zeus (Edward’s father) meets with Bella and decides out of feel to set Bella up to fail be having her train and fight in the Arena where only the best of the warriors. Edward see’s Bella when she arrives and instantly wants her.

Hades (Bella’s father) offers Bella a way she can touch others without killing them with the use of gloves.

The relationship between Edward and Bella is rocky to begin with as Bella is afraid to get close to anyone including Edward out of fear of her powers but Edward is relentless and refuses to not be with Bella.

The story moves at a steady pace so that the reader does not get overwhelmed with too much information, she has also created a way that allows 2 teenagers in love to explore their sexuality together while at the same time remaining pure. There are challengers for both as well as drama throughout the entire story. There is also a hidden evil plot against them, that you do not expect or see but suspect till the very end.

I highly recommend this story if you are looking for something different in the Bella and Edward love story, something with a supernatural theme maybe too it.


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