STORY REVIEW: The American President By Rushed

This story is a very adult take on Edward and Bella, This time Edward is the president of American, single and a widow in his first term of office. Emmett his chief of staff decides that Edward needs to let of some steam and hires him a paid for sex escort from an exclusive business run by none other than Alice. Bella is that escort.


STORY REVIEW: A Gilmmer of Hope.By Highlander Princess

Edward has the typical reaction to the news that he has a son, he is shocked, angry and hurt that Bella kept this from him. Once he calms he wants to meet his son, but he also wants his Bella back, the one woman that stole his heart and did not return it.

Help Wanted

      We at Cloe Michaels Reads are looking for a couple of like minded individuals that have a passion for reading in any genre. Since December last CMR( Cloe Michaels Reads) has expanded beyond our expectations we have several authors that have returned after their first book review or interview wanting us to... Continue Reading →

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