STORY REVIEW: The American President By Rushed

american president

TITLE: The American President


This story is a very adult take on Edward and Bella, This time Edward is the president of American, single and a widow in his first term of office. Emmett his chief of staff decides that Edward needs to let of some steam and hires him a paid for sex escort from an exclusive business run by none other than Alice. Bella is that escort.

As you guessed it there is a lot of sex scenes in the story especially at the beginning where their relationship is supposed to be all about sex for both Edward and Bella. Quickly though they both realize that there is more happening than just sex and as Bella tries not to get personal with the president she can’t help herself and fall for him.

After a few meetings and a couple of months of them meeting they both agree to spend a weekend away just the two of them where no one knows. Their relationship changes and they both realize they are in love and end they weekend with more than they bargain for.

Edward tries while he is travelling to keep contact with Bella until one day she refuses to take his calls and he assumes she is ending their relationship.

Seven years pass and Edward no longer President attends a school where is daughter he didn’t know about attends and he runs into Bella again. Edward is shocked and angry to find out Bella kept his daughter from him but he learns to forgive Bella and wants nothing more to have his daughter and her mother permanently in his life.

Normally I prefer stories that have more romance and drama than a lot of sexy scenes especially in the first chapter, but this works well. Though the scenes are detailed they are not over the top step by step on what was done.
There is plenty of interactions between all the characters and I love the way Bella handles a very stuffy Charlsie, also the shock on Bella when Esme confronts Bella about how her and Edward really met, Esme wanting details.
This story is well balanced and you see plenty of Edward not only being Bella’s lover but also what kind of father he is to Heidi. As a couple, they also address the what ifs of the past and learn to love and trust each other again.

I highly recommend this story, I have read it a few times and its one of those stories where it’s a feel-good story with just enough drama and humor to keep you entertained while exploring what it’s like to love the president



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