STORY REVIEW: A Gilmmer of Hope.By Highlander Princess

A Glimmer of hope

STORY TITLE: A Gilmmer of Hope

AUTHOR: Highlander Princess

Though this story is still work in progress enough has been written to give you a clear picture of what is happening and where it is going.

The story starts off with Bella’s son Anthony making a wish for his birthday was for his daddy who is CEO Edward. The first chapter addresses Bella’s son’s wish, how Edward and Bella met, along with their brief affair. Why Bella left her job and Edward behind.

The next few chapters look at Bella explaining to her best Friend Alice who Anthony’s father is and how she tries to meet with Edward but his receptionist will not allow it even though Bella says it’s a personal matter. Bella decides to wait outside his office until the opportunity arises where she can come face to face with the father of her son.

Edward has the typical reaction to the news that he has a son, he is shocked, angry and hurt that Bella kept this from him. Once he calms he wants to meet his son, but he also wants his Bella back, the one woman that stole his heart and did not return it.

The story is not without its drama, there is Tanya Edwards very recent ex-girlfriend that like to make Bella feel like nothing. There is Anthony’s desperate need to spend time with his father and wanting his parents together, Bella fighting a very strong attraction that she still must Edward while only wanting her son to get to know his father.

There is a very touching few moments when Edward and Bella tell Anthony that Edward is his father, make sure you have the tissues ready…..

The story moves along at a believable rate where the three learn to be a family and Edward and Bella fall in love all over again. There is marriage, adventure and more.

Though still a wip I look forward to seeing how Edward, Bella and Anthony handle to new changes in their lives.


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2 responses to “STORY REVIEW: A Gilmmer of Hope.By Highlander Princess

  1. Awesome story, loved it from the first chapter. Excellent review too.


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