STORY REVIEW: Corporate Confessions By Cullens Conquest

TITLE:Corporate Confessions

AUTHOR: Cullens Conquest

I have never had the opportunity to read and of Cullens Conquest stories before and though this is story I did find it entertaining. It’s something you could read it you had an hour lunch break or between meeting at the office so long as you can handle getting a little hot and bothered reading about Edward and Bella’s sexy time.

This story Edward is a brilliant CEO who has built his company up from the ground up. Bella starts her first day at Cullen Enterprises thinking she is going into accounting only to find that Edward’s last assistant has left and she had to fill the vacancy till a replacement could be hired.

Bella quickly notices all Edwards little quirks and how to turn a day from a bad day to a good day, while at the same time fighting her attraction for a man that infuriates her and at the same time turns her on.

It takes Edward a few weeks to realise and to stop fighting his attraction for Bella and a case of the green-eyed monster when one of his clients asks Bella for a date, Edward speaks for Bella making it clear she is not available for anyone except him and so their affair starts.

I enjoyed this story especially because though Edward was dominating and in control he wasn’t always and had to find ways to manage his little problem. Bella was observant enough to notice the little things about Edward and how to make his life easier making them the perfect couple as they balanced each other out.

You will just have to read the story to find out what it is all about Edward’s little quirks and why they are so important.


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  1. I absolutely love Zowie’s creativity in her writing.


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