STORY REVIEW: My Lucky Charm By MyWindowisOpen


TITLE: My Lucky Charm

AUTHOR: MyWindowisOpen

This is a short but sweet story with a happy ever after with kind of a twist. As an avid reader of twilight fan fiction, I really enjoyed this story because it was something different. It wasn’t just Edward meets Bella they fall instantly in love and that’s the end. No!!!

In this story, Bella is a princess Leprechaun who is setting her first rainbow when she first meets Edward, Yes there is instant I can’t get you off my mind attraction. But in this story the author makes Edward and Bella grow up before they meet again and Edward is saving Bella from a falling branch which inadvertently creates a permeant bond between Edward and Bella that only Edward can break by saying the sacred words.

Though Edward Loves Bella more than anything he can see she misses her home and sets her free realising Bella loves him to. But is it too late for the lovers once Edward has spoken those words, you will have to read the story to find out.

I really enjoyed this story even though it could be read in a few short hours or even during a lunch break. It was different it wasn’t your normal supernatural vs human love story and though there was a happy end there was also a sacrifice made by one to make the other happy and give them what they desire. Showing what true love is all about the wiliness to sacrifice your love for another if it brings them their happiness and joy.

P.S there is a sequel so there may be hope for these two yet


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